Coronavirus and isolation: he surrendered the thesis from his home and got a 10 with an honorable mention

Habits change in times of coronavirus and things we used to do, at the recommendation to isolate themselves, reinvent themselves. Nahuel Vega never imagined that he would take his doctoral thesis virtually, But it was: a jury from the University of San Martín evaluated him by videoconference and gave him a 10 with an honorable mention.

Nahuel has a degree in Physics and, since Wednesday, a Doctor in Science and Technology from the University of San Martín. A month ago he agreed with the UNSAM authorities on the date to defend his thesis and, thus, end a study stage that lasted five years. However, given the advance of the pandemic and with the measures adopted by the Government, they first warned him that his family would not be able to attend the exhibition and finally, they decided that the best thing would be to do it through a video conference.

“I appreciate the attitude of the authorities, who have said ‘we are working and not on vacation, let’s continue with everything planned and see ways to fix this with the same times’ “, Nahuel said to In addition, he explained that the decision weighed the fact that, among the people who had to attend, there were some with risk factors.

To feel a little closer to the University, Nahuel made a poster with the logos of UNSAM, the Sábato Institute and the Atomic Energy Commission and hung it on the living room wall. “There were 40 minutes to start and I was already eating my elbows, so I started drawing. I also wanted to have my banner “, confessed to this medium.

The procedure was the same as any other thesis defense, but all who participated did so from their homes. There were 10 people connected through a video conference: the director, the juries and authorities of the Sábato Institute and UNSAM and Nahuel, of course. In the presentation, which lasted 47 minutes, he showed the results of his work. Then the specialists asked questions.

“The young daughter appeared to one of the jurors in the middle,” the brand-new doctor chuckled. “Each jury has a copy of the thesis and, in an oversight, the girl grabbed a pen and drew there “, added.

“Each jury has a copy of the thesis and, in an oversight, the girl grabbed a pen and drew there,” said Nahuel Vega. (Photo: Twitter)

After the question segment ended, Nahuel logged off to let the juries deliberate. Later, they warned him by Whatsapp that he could reconnect because they had the result: he got a ten with an honorable mention. The applause came from the different houses.

“It took me a while to fall, it is not so easy to get excited when the rest of the people are not in front of you,” he confessed. “As the hours go by, I told my family and everyone who was expecting “.

Although he would like to celebrate, Nahuel knows that the important thing is to maintain isolation and affirmed that later on he will surely do something. “For now I am going to order empanadas to celebrate alone”, joked.