Coronavirus │ An Air Force Hercules could repatriate Argentines in Peru

The decision of the Peruvian government to close its airspace due to the advance of the coronavirus throughout the region caused that 1,700 Argentines are stranded in that country with no possibility of returning home.

In this context, the government works against the clock to bring the Argentines who are in that country, and in different parts of the world, and make the most of their possibilities. As learned from sources in the Chancellery, of the Ministry of Defence and of the own Air Force, the possibility that a C-130 Hercules plane fly to Peru in search of compatriots.

It is a complex operation, which must have the endorsement of the Peruvian government. Firstly because that nation decided to close its airspace, and secondly because it is a military aircraft, which will require a special permit.

This historic Argentine aircraft that was modernized in recent years has a load capacity of 90 people. The authorities evaluate, in turn, that another unit of the Air Force, a Fokker F-28, participate in the operation.

Made with Flourish

Last Wednesday the president of Aerolineas Argentinas, Pablo Ceriani, confirmed two flights to Lima, and the government is working so that other airlines can return to the Argentines stranded there. The Government wants the FAA to participate in this operation to expedite the transfer of those who are mainly in Cuzco.

This Thursday, the Ministry of Defense published in the Official Gazette the resolution 88/2020 confirming the creation of the Emergency Defense Committee that will articulate the support of the armed forces to combat this pandemic.

Lima and Cuzco

Argentines stranded in Peru are distributed throughout different parts of that country, but most are concentrated in Lima (more than 1,000) and Cuzco (around 300).

“We are evaluating the capacity of the plane, the permits of Peru for a military aircraft to land and the possibility of going to Cuzco,” a source from the Ministry of Foreign Relations confided to this newspaper.

The conversations with the government of Peru are accentuated with the passing of the hours and from the Air Force they have already responded that the aircraft is ready to be used and to collaborate with the repatriation that, until now, has only been carried out by the flag carrier.