A Cordoba, on the podium of exporters of added value to soy

The soybean milling industrial complex located in the ports of Gran Rosario is the most competitive in the world. That is why Argentina is the main world supplier of oil and oilseed meal, its products with the highest added value.

To ratify this place in international trade, a group of 10 companies –among which one from Cordoba stands out– are a reference in the provision of both derivatives.

During the past year, oil and flour exports reached 40.12 million tons, according to data from the Nation’s Undersecretary of Agricultural Markets.

The 2019 volume represents an increase of 20 percent compared to what was shipped in 2018, when 33.33 million tons were registered.

Much of this higher performance is explained by the higher national soybean production, which contributed to the largest grain harvest in history.

Cordovan tune

When identifying the companies that carry out these foreign trade operations, the ranking is led by two family companies with Argentine capital; one of them from Cordoba.

This is Oleora General Deheza (AGD), whose headquarters are in the city of the same name in the Juárez Celman department.

Among the plants located in Córdoba and Gran Rosario, AGD exported 5.8 million tons of soy by-products last year: 5.07 million tons of flour and 782 thousand tons of oil, according to official statistics. .

That performance allowed it to occupy the second place in shipments of both products, with a 32 percent increase in volume compared to 2018, when it had operated 4.4 million tons.

With 3.9 million tons shipped in 2018, AGD had led the national ranking of soy flour supply.

The Cordovan company’s performance in the industrialization and export of oilseed derivatives is not new; Since the Argentine complex began to lead the world market in the last 20 years, its presence has always been outstanding.

Who is the first?

In an area where multinational companies often take advantage, due to their financial and productive scale, the sale of soybean meal and oil abroad is led by companies with a different profile.

In the same way that AGD, belonging to the Urquía family, occupies the second place, the first is also for a family business: the Santafesina Vicentin.

With 7.4 million tons, the company – which is going through financial difficulties and awaits the opening of its preventive tender – showed in 2019 a growth in shipments of 50 percent. In 2018, between flour and oil it had placed 4.9 million tons.

If the exports of grains (the “bean” of soybeans, corn, wheat, sorghum, barley and sunflower) are added to the sale of by-products, the ranking already changes its composition. During 2019, the Chinese company Cofco led sales with more than 13 million tons.

AGD was in sixth place with 9.03 million tons and the Argentine Cooperative Association (ACA), in tenth.