They ask to declare the “Emergency SME” due to the fall in activity against the coronavirus

The Argentine Chamber of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MPM) asked the national government to declare the “SME Emergency” before the fall in activity and the impact of the advance of the coronavirus on the economic movement.

In a statement issued Wednesday, in it showed its support for the measures implemented by the Nation, the entity claimed that the provincial and municipal governments measures similar to the one announced yesterday Tuesday, particularly for micro, small and medium-sized companies (MSMEs).

Millionaire social and economic aid package

The SME entity requested specific mechanisms to preserve them as sources of employment and production in all regions of the country, including suspending the payment of services and rents.

“The sector needs to temporarily suspend the payment of electricity, water, gas and rent bills in MSMEs that face a marked cessation of activity as a result of the health crisis and its containment measures. Establish an agile mechanism for the processing of these measures, in collaboration with AFIP, “the statement said.

In addition, it demanded the extension of the exemption of employer contributions; the extension of the Repro program with a Repro Pyme Express version; authorize companies to implement telework systems; the extension of the moratorium to all provincial and municipal jurisdictions and postpone the suspension of embargoes of the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (Afip) after March 31, 2020, depending on the worsening of the economic crisis.

In turn, he demanded to implement a package of financial assistance focused on MSMEs and the cancellation of debts by the State and the territorial articulation with chambers and business associations, the “urgent” reopening.