Neither masks nor toilet paper, López Obrador is entrusted to Jesus

MEXICO CITY, Mar 18 (Reuters) – Panic purchases of face masks and toilet paper due to the spread of the coronavirus in the world are the product of the manipulation of neoliberalism, said the Mexican president on Wednesday, who prefers to entrust himself to Jesus.

AMLO, as President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is popularly known, usually charges against capitalism at all costs and assures that he is responsible for many calamities and poverty in his country. “It was a resounding failure, especially because of the moral damage it caused.”

Proof of this damage in Mexico and in other nations is the widespread use of masks, said López Obrador, criticized by his opponents for being inconclusive in preventing the spread of the coronavirus in his country, where those affected number 93.

“If you are not sick, you are not consuming that, because they can be used later and they will be in short supply,” said AMLO, assuring that the covers are sold more expensive and are used prematurely.

The same is true of toilet paper. “What do you mean that sanitary paper is going to be scarce? What is the relationship? That they explain to us,” he asked.

AMLO, who went viral this week with a video in which he is seen rejecting antibacterial gel from a collaborator, also minimized the impact of the coronavirus on the hard-hit Mexican currency and the sluggish local economy.

“We are calm, but we will be calmer,” he said, anticipating that in a few days he will announce measures to counter the difficult situation.

But, in addition, he said he had another element in his favor, when he took out a small stamp with an image of Jesus and held it up in his right hand. Then he took out another: “Look, here is another ‘stop’. ‘Stop, enemy, the heart of Jesus is with me,'” he concluded.

(Report by Raúl Cortés Fernández, edited by Ana Isabel Martínez)