Mercado Libre eliminated commissions on 71,000 basic and health products

Mercado Libre reduced the commissions to zero to 71 thousand food, cleaning and hygiene products from today until March 31.

This measure reaches 16 thousand sellers of basic necessities such as diapers, infant formula or gel alcohol, the company announced Tuesday.

“The objective is to collaborate so that these products can reach those who need it and that the benefit is perceived by both sellers and buyers, who will not have speculative increases and will notice a decrease in the final price,” he said in a statement. .

The measure is part of his Elbow to Elbow campaign, regarding which he created a microsite in the market place with information on how to take care of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) and how to buy and shop safely online.

Price monitoring

On the other hand, he announced that he will monitor the prices of products necessary to protect himself from the virus, such as alcohol gel and chinstrap.

“From Mercado Libre we will be monitoring that sellers comply with our policies and respect the conditions imposed by the platform, both in prices and in the publication of masks or related elements that guarantee to prevent, alleviate or cure the Coronavirus,” he stressed.