In Córdoba: the company that has its 600 employees working from home

The offices that Mercado Libre has in Ciudad Empresaria, the complex located on La Voz del Interior avenue, are deserted these days.

This is where his local Software Development Center is based, a complex where 600 people work, most of them men and women with technological profiles.

“With 100 percent of the staff we are working remotely. The office remains open but there is no one, ”confirmed Daniel Gándara, head of the center (VP of IT Product Developement of Mercado Libre). The measure, of course, responds to the need to align with the provisions of the health crisis triggered by Covid-19.

Gándara, along with Daniel Rabinovich (ML COO) and Marcos Galperin; opening offices in 2019 in Córdoba.

The modality applied in Córdoba is in tune with the provisions of Meli throughout the country, as revealed by its own founder and global CEO, Marcos Galperin, through social networks.

As a technology company, Mercado Libre came to this juncture with an important gym in remote work.

“We have a home office policy and the teams are distributed in different Centers, so we have the gymnastics, systems and technology necessary to generalize it,” said Gándara.

Asked if this crisis can make the home office apply in a massive way, even once it is overcome, the manager said: “Teamwork, in-person conversations and definitions on a blackboard are still very effective. In fact, we usually travel quite a bit between Centers just to streamline issues. ”