Coronavirus│Subtes: where do they stop and what stations are open

From Thursday 19 to Tuesday 31 March, the formations of the six lines of subways that connect the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires will stop only at headlands and stations with combinations, for him prevention protocol of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The rest of the platforms will remain closed.

In addition, Metrovías reported that while this special service lasts, the passenger You can only travel sitting. “We ask users do not go to training if there are no seats left free, otherwise wait for the next train, “requested the company through a statement.

With respect to Premeterwill work with full tour and all its stations will remain open.

Line by line, these are the stations that will be open and where the Subways will stop from March 19 to 31 (Photo: Metrovías)
Line by line, these are the stations that will be open and where the Subways will stop from March 19 to 31 (Photo: Metrovías)

From the City Government reported that this scheme was thought prioritizing to those neighbors who make longer trips and they recommended that shorter distances they walk walking, cycling or in some alternative mode of transportation.

“It’s very important that only those who need to travel make an essential transfer, which can not be delayed or replaced by other means of transport and, as far as possible, outside the rush hour, “said the Buenos Aires authorities.

The measure adopted by Metrovías is clear from the announcements made by the Minister of Transport, Mario Meoni, who suspended all domestic and long-distance transport flights as of this Friday and ordered that from Thursday, buses and trains in the Metropolitan Area they can only transport seated passengers.

Subway stations open, line by line:

– Line A: (Plaza de Mayo closed for works) Peru, Lima, Plaza Miserere, Primera Junta, San José de Flores and San Pedrito.

– Line B: L. N. Alem, C. Pellegrini, Pueyrredón, Medrano, F. Lacroze and J.M. of Roses.

– Line C: Retiro, Diagonal Norte, Av. De Mayo, Independencia and Constitución.

– Line D: Cathedral, 9 de Julio, F. de Medicina, Pueyrredón, Palermo, M. Carranza, Juramento and C. de Tucumán.

– Line E: Retiro, Correo Central, Bolívar, Independencia, Jujuy, Av. La Plata and Plaza de los Virreyes.

– Line H: F. de Derecho, Santa Fe- Carlos Jáuregui, Corrientes, Once- December 30, Humberto 1 °, Caseros y Hospitales.