They study a possible indigenous case of coronavirus in Chaco: a pediatrician assures that it was infected from a patient

A doctor from the liaison office of the Perrando Hospital in the province of Chaco became one of the last cases of coronavirus in the country. This is not the case of the doctor accused of having traveled to Spain and having broken the isolation.

Is about Gabriela Monzón, Head of External Clinics, who assured that he was in contact with people who went to the hospital for having compatible symptoms.

“I’m fine, I no longer have a fever, just a cough. I wouldn’t know when to catch it. I work in the Health area, I have important social activity, I don’t know who infected me“, lament

The doctor explained her situation in TN: “First I started with a sore throat and then a fever. I had a lot of decay. I think I am an indigenous case because I did not travel to any risky country

Chaco is one of the most affected provinces: Health authorities detected three cases on Monday. That brought the local total to eleven. One of the infected died last week.