The mayor of Monte Hermoso asked that they not go to the city: “This is not a time for vacations, it is time to take care of ourselves”

Before the massive arrival of tourists to Monte Hermoso after the Government suspended classes in educational establishments and authorized remote work, the mayor of this city, Alejandro Dichiara, clarified that this “It is not a vacation time”, but “it is time to take care of ourselves” and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“There are many people who do not understand the importance of staying at home, they think they are on vacation and they will surely want to go to Mar del Plata, Pinamar, any tourist destination, and we have to be responsible enough to tell them they don’t have to come “he explained.

In statements to the TN channel, the municipal president regretted the large number of cars that entered the district in recent days, a fact that was recorded in the video recorded by a driver on the route and which later went viral on social networks.

“What we are trying to do is raise awareness and safeguard the population of Monte Hermoso from any contagion that may come from outside. They made a very important queue of vehicles today, of more than 5 kilometers, about 900 vehicles entered. It is three times more than what they usually pay at this time of year “, he specified in this regard.

On the other hand, Dichiara explained that the local authorities took “the measure of ask everyone who enters an affidavit through the Ministry of Health and the Security people, where they have to declare that they know the validity of Provincial Decree 132/2020, which does not come from any country declared at risk by the coronavirus, which does not have symptoms, call it fever , cough, sore throat, and that there was also no person suspected of contamination. “

In addition, the tourist is asked to “address and telephone number to have control of those who enter because There was a lot of talk in the region about this issue that once it was ruled that there would be no classes, and obviously there are many who did not have to go to work, they could come and take a vacation. ”

In this sense, the mayor pointed out that, “anticipating what will be the long weekend, both on March 24 and Easter, what is trying to do is inform the entire population that, at Despite being a purely tourist municipality, this time people are asked not to come and stay at home. “

The Peronist leader also assured that “So far no cases (of infected) have been detected in the region” And he announced that this Tuesday he will meet with his counterpart from Bahía Blanca, Héctor Gay, to give the same message of not traveling because many of the home owners in Monte Hermoso are from that city.

Finally, Dichiara referred to the tweet that Alberto Fernández published in which he asks citizens not to leave their homes and take care of their children: “I believe that this is a clear example of what all Argentines and the political leadership want, to safeguard the population from a pandemic like the one the world is living and that it is coming to Argentina, that nobody is contagious. One of the fundamental factors is to stay at home and that is what we ask of everyone ”he opined.