Mendoza decided to isolate himself for fourteen days: anyone who enters the province must comply with the quarantine

Governor Rodolfo Suárez ordered that “Any person who enters Mendoza, whether they are foreigners, Argentine nationals or residents of the province, by any means of transportation and by any bordering step, has the obligation to isolate himself for 14 days”, as reported by social networks. The measure has already been published in the Provincial Bulletin, it is number 390, and it will take effect from tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18. A similar measure had been adopted on Monday by Tierra del Fuego.

The President of the UCR, Alfredo Cornejo, 2nd vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies, will not travel to the meeting called by Alberto Fernández with opposition parliamentary leaders, to stay in Mendoza and be active, since if he moved to Buenos Aires he would be forced to quarantine.

“Respecting the correct decision of the Mendoza governor, It will be impossible for me to attend the meeting that I have been called for tomorrow in the Quinta de Olivos “, Cornejo maintained in the note he sent to Alberto Fernández and to the interior minister, Eduardo de Pedro. Cornejo was the governor of Mendoza until last December 10 and deploys an intense task of collaboration with his successor Suárez in the midst of the current health emergency.

Suárez also reported that “after the steps taken before the competent organizations, from this moment on, the absolute closure of the border with the neighboring country of Chile governs.” He also specified that the measure affects the border crossings of Los Horcones and Pehuenche.

The governor yesterday met with the mayors of the province, seeking to adapt the preventive isolation measures and, in analysis with them plus the committee of sanitary experts, made the decision to isolate Mendoza for the next two weeks as the most efficient way in this stage, when no case of COVID-19 was confirmed yet, although the existence of patients “suspected” of contagion is known.

In effect, the Ministry of Health, Social Development and Sport of that province confirmed yesterday that there is two new suspected cases, which adds a total of nine people who are waiting for the results and in isolation. In an official statement, the admission to the Spanish hospital was reported of two people arriving from France, a 48-year-old woman and a 15-year-old teenager, who presented cough and fever, so it was decided to apply the protocol.

In Chile, cases have been growing exponentially. There are already 201 confirmed cases, although no patient who has been infected has died yet. Instead, it could be verified that COVID-19 was deployed in almost all regions of the country. Anyway, 152 were concentrated in the capital of the neighboring country and its area of ​​influence, which is called the Metropolitan Region.

Given the serious health situation, the Chilean health minister, Jaime Mañalich, yesterday determined the closure of the borders for 15 days and additional measures to contain the spread of the virus. In front of the press, the official said that the coronavirus in his country was in phase IV, that is, it is already assumed that there is “viral circulation and community spread of the disease.”

Mendoza activates a more demanding protocol based on that decision made by the Chilean health authorities.