Coronavirus scenarios in Mexico: these are the phase 2 measures that are already being applied

The Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, reported that we continue in Phase 1, with the majority of “imported” infections, that is, from people who traveled to countries such as Italy, Spain and the United States, however Some activities have begun to be limited, such as in Phase 2 to avoid further dispersion of Covid-19.

He recognized that, due to the changing international environment, there will be a greater frequency of situations of people who traveled to these countries with active transmission and who will arrive in Mexico. Thus, He pointed out that the moment will come when the information is minute by minute.

López-Gatell He accepted that in 15 days we could be in a next phase, of community transmission, that is, with hundreds of cases.

“The first is local transmission, in this case from the cases, and this local transmission could take weeks. Today it could never progress to a broader broadcast, “he added.

“The second scenario is: it could go on to a broader broadcast and it would be a community broadcast of a few hundred people.”

In this phase is where the country is currently, since there are only dozens of confirmed cases and they are also imported, since the people who fell ill traveled abroad and acquired the virus there.

In this point no restrictions like: shake hands, hold massive events and only keep the population informed of the spread of infections, especially in workplaces and schools.

Phase 2. Community dispersal

This is the phase that Mexico is about to reach, since according to López Gatell, due to the increase in the number of infected, one could move to scenario two.

In this phase, the cases are increasing and are counted in hundreds. People begin to infect each other, whether they have traveled or not.

Here yes there are restrictions like: avoid waving, as well as kissing or hugging and massive events are suspended.

Likewise, filters are installed in work areas and schools, mainly.

To this phase it arrives a couple of weeks after having decreed the previous one, since the infected are already thousands.

At this point, they could hospitalize more people, due to the discomforts caused by the disease.

You should avoid greeting, as well as kissing and hugging.

Classes and work activities are suspended with active outbreaks.

Classes were suspended

The Secretary of Public Education (SEP) He announced the measures that will be taken at school sites. The head of the agency, Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, indicated that the Easter holidays will be brought forward, so from the March 20 students will no longer go to schools. Classes will resume on April 20, so the school community will have 30 days of vacation.

Nevertheless, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Guadalajara, Michoacán and Tamaulipas decided to move forward for Tuesday, March 17 the move to begin suspension of classes, as part of the plan to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

In this sense, some university centers such as the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) reported that in the event of a contingency, from this March 17 all massive events will be suspended such as congresses, seminars, meetings, symposia or forums among others; while the Easter holiday period will be extended, as recommended by the SEP, from March 20 to April 20. In addition, he asked his students continue your studies during this period through the platform PolyVirtual, in which they will be advised by their teachers.

The University of Guadalajara announced that classes will continue virtually.

On the other hand, the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), informed that it will suspend, gradually, the face-to-face classes As of this Tuesday, March 17, after the past March 12, the maximum house of studies had announced the suspension only of massive activities and international travel.

Private institutes also joined. The Iberoamerican University decided to cancel classes as of March 17 and resume them until further notice.

For his part, the Tec de Monterrey, the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), the Colegio de México and the Universidad Anáhuac they chose to cancel classroom classes and teach them online starting Monday, March 23.

Concerts were canceled until April

After they received numerous criticisms for having carried out the music festival Live Latino 2020 in the midst of alertness by the Covid-19, Ocesa, the company in charge of organizing important massive events, among them concerts, informed that it will suspend them until Sunday, April 19.

This decision was made in order to strengthen preventive measures facing the transition to Phase 2 from coronavirus infections, which is in accordance with the determinations implemented by the local and federal governments.

“Ocesa has started conversations with artists, representatives, agents, venues and sponsors, in order to find the viability of postpone them to a date to be defined or, in the extreme case of not finding calendar compatibility, proceed to cancellation“The company reported in a statement, which also detailed that the days on which the events will be rescheduled will soon be defined.

Liga México announces football matches without an audience

The Mexico League announced that the matches of the tenth day of the local football Closing tournament will be played without an audience as a preventive measure against the worldwide spread of the coronavirus that has infected more than 150,000 people and left more than 5,000 dead worldwide.

“As a preventive and prudent measure, the Federal Government’s health secretariat and the League agreed that the matches of Day 10 of the men’s and women’s tournament, day eight of promotion, as well as the basic forces tournaments will be played behind closed doors “The agency reported.

the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico approved a series of measures given the increase in coronavirus cases in the country, and the possibility that the situation will worsen in the coming days. Among other actions, will postpone cultural and artistic events.

Art and culture events and activities in theaters, concert halls, cultural centers and archaeological sites (including the visit that is usually done on the spring equinox), scheduled between March 20 and April 20, will be rescheduled. The Ministry of Culture will fulfill the contractual commitments with the artists, regardless of the date on which their presentations are carried out ”, he informed through a statement.