Coronavirus in Argentina | The physical trainer who attacked the guard: “I asked him not to report me”


“I misinterpreted the decree on quarantine”. That was one of the excuses that Miguel Ángel Paz gave in his statement by videoconference to the prosecutor of Vicente López, Martín Gómez. The physical trainer was charged with minor injuries against Gustavo Granucci, the guard of his building, who demanded that he comply with social isolation in the face of the advance of the coronavirus.

At the request of the prosecutor Gómez, the judge of Guarantees Esteban Rossignoli approved preventive detention at home. Paz not only gave him pineapples over and over again to get even, but put you in danger of catching viral illness, as a source of the investigation confided to

It all happened because the building guard reprimanded the physical trainer that he was not just complying with the quarantine after returning from the United States and that was why he put all healthy neighbors at risk.

“I am sorry, I went too far, I apologize to Gustavo,” Paz said during the investigation. The man assured that his dad is sick and that his mom asked him to go help him.. The defendant then broke the quarantine twice.

Paz added that none of his family members have symptoms (although the disease may be asymptomatic at first) and that he misinterpreted the Government’s Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU): “I thought I could do short outings”.

“I found out that the guard was saying that I was not complying with the quarantine. Among the neighbors there was a lot of paranoia with my family about that. So I went down to explain the points and to ask him not to report me“said the physical trainer.

But instead of explaining the points, he attacked the guard over and over again to exhaustion. However, in the investigative statement, Paz assured that it was Granucci who started everything by pushing him, but then he went wrong and recognized the error.

The guard was not only affected by the blows. Besides having a broken septum, Granucci will lose days of work Because, when coming into contact with someone who should be isolated, he is also liable to have been infected.


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