Labor license: there are almost 67 thousand Cordovan people over 60 who work

Almost one out of every 10 Cordovan working under all kinds of conditions (employees, self-employed, salaried, registered or not) is over 60 years old.

This age group was mentioned as a target for preventive work licenses, since it is considered a “risk population” for contracting the coronavirus.

However, the map of very diverse working conditions in which these 66,899 men and women work shows deep inequalities that anticipate a very disparate access to the preventive measure.

By case, only 24.8 percent of the total are registered employees: out of 10, one works in the public sector and two in the private sector.

They (with the state leaders in the lead) sting to be licensed.


The rest work informally as a dependency (16,206 people) or as a self-employed person (26,921), the vast majority without registration.

Both precarious situations jeopardize the application of work permits.

The data correspond to the two largest urban agglomerates in the province (Gran Córdoba and Gran Río Cuarto), and are the last available record from Indec’s Permanent Household Survey (EPH), updated in the third quarter of 2019.

The information was processed by Pilar Paschini, an economist at Idesa, at the request of The voice.

“In this age group, informality is higher than in others among employees. The group includes many retirees who must continue working due to lack of income and avoid registering so as not to lose their assets, “said Paschini.

Among salaried workers over 60 in the private sector, informality rises to 58.7 percent in men and 63 percent in women.

The gender gap is fully manifest in the entire group: in 100 percent of working conditions, women are worse off.

It is worth highlighting the case of domestic workers: there are 3,580 women over 60 (there are no men), of which only 122 are registered.