Eduardo Porreti, Argentine ambassador to Venezuela, contracted coronavirus

The Chargé d’Affaires of Argentina in Venezuela -in charge of the Embassy-, Eduardo Porreti, contracted coronavirus, as confirmed by sources at the Palacio San Martín to Infobae.

The diplomatic official, who constantly meets due to his duties, decided to carry out a swab on his own despite the fact that did not have the symptoms that characterize the virus It was born in China and spread rapidly throughout the world.

After samples were taken from his throat and mucosa from his nose, doctors diagnosed the disease.

Porreti is isolated at his home in Caracas, complying with the recommendations of the doctors. Meanwhile, the Embassy is closed as a result of quarantine measures on public offices issued by the local government.

According to this media, different leaders of the ruling party and the opposition (Porreti was part of the governments of Cristina Kirchner, Mauricio Macri and Alberto Fernández) worried about his health. He thanked everyone for the displays of affection and transmitted the same message: “I am fine, without symptoms, working in isolation at home

Porreti has not left Caracas in recent months, so he suspects that he was infected in one of the daily work meetings he had with collaborators, political leaders or businessmen who passed through the offices of the diplomatic headquarters.