Coronavirus: in Bahía Blanca they order the “compulsive hospitalization” of a woman in quarantine who escaped from the hospital

A judge of Guarantees of Bahía Blanca ordered the compulsive hospitalization of a woman who escaped from a hospital of this city where he was like suspicious patient of coronavirus, since it did not accept to be quarantined, judicial sources reported.

The Judge of Guarantees 2, Guillermo Mercuri, ordered the measure after a request from a prosecutor who received a complaint from the professionals of the Municipal Hospital “Leónidas Lucero”. Judicial sources reported that “the prosecutor Marcelo Romero Garden On Saturday, she received a complaint from the doctors at the healthcare center, who had also indicated that the woman she had fled and she did not accept being isolated and quarantined

“The woman had been in the hospital in the morning, withdrew without medical authorization and was informed by the Ministry of Health about the importance of returning to the care center,” they indicated. According to sources, “by refusing to stay there, a court order was required.”

“The woman is in the hospital with police custody Due to the compulsory hospitalization order that was decreed to protect public health, “they added. For their part, health sources indicated that” this patient joins four other suspected cases by Covid-19 in the city and that they are hospitalized. in different healthcare centers awaiting the results of the Mabrán Institute. “

Yesterday, President Alberto Fernández spoke about the physical trainer’s attack on a guard for violating the quarantine. The assault occurred on Saturday night and was recorded by the sentry box of the sentry box. The images show how the neighbor, who had returned from the outside, broke into the office, upset, and shouted several times to the security guard: “You are threatening me.”

The security officer denied the accusation and reproached him for violating the “health protocol”. In his message at a press conference, the President said that the aggressor “will pay the consequences” and asked all governors for help in enforcing preventive measures.

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