Coronavirus in Argentina | The City extends expired license terms and enables restricted marriages

The City announced a series of measures to contain the proliferation of cases of coronavirus. At a press conference in the Buenos Aires government, the administration led by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta announced that the maturities of Vehicle Technical Verification (VTV) and expired driver’s licenses, and that in marriages will be limited to a minimum participants for the next two weeks. The measures are in line with those announced on Sunday by President Alberto Fernández and aim to reduce the circulation and concentration of people in public spaces, to try to prevent the spread of the disease.

After ratifying the suspension of classes until March 31 in the Federal Capital, Rodríguez Larreta explained: “We had been working on a plan to manage the situation of the boys. It is not a vacation, the boys have to continue in their learning process. It will affect the daily lives of families, but we are convinced that it is the right decision. Schools will remain open, “he said.

The chief of Cabinet of the Buenosairean government Felipe Miguel He explained that they extended the expiration dates of VTVs and driver’s licenses. In addition, they decided that marriages continue to be carried out but with restriction of participants, since the witnesses they will be the only ones who can accompany the bride and groom. He clarified that those who wish may reschedule your marriage date.

He indicated that they will expand the offer of procedures that can be performed virtually and that in cases where they can only be done in person there will be a minimum guard of employees to attend to these cases. He said that complaints can be made by chat WhatsApp instead of presenting them at police stations, and asked that reported to 147 the cases in which they are detected defaults quarantine for those who come from abroad.

They will close playgrounds in parks and squares Because they are “an important focus of possible contagion” and fairs and gastronomic centers will open, but only to bring food home. As will not be allowed access to the food courts of these spaces.

A protocol for home and geriatric visits will be implemented. “Only the closest relatives will be allowed, and with care measures that guarantee their safety to avoid infections,” said Miguel. He anticipated that they work with banks, pharmacies and other services to establish business hours. exclusive attention for older adults.

The Buenos Aires Minister of Education Soledad Acuña He highlighted the facilities that students have to continue preparing at home, until the school cycle is restored in the district. Students will have available the digital library, the virtual classroom, an English platform and more than 300,000 books that can be taken home during these days.

“The only thing that changes is the presence,” he said, and asked families to accompany your children In this period, he clarified that “it is not on vacation”. “We need families to help us ensure habits and routines at home. We are going to tell them every week how they can accompany their children,” he said.

What is coronavirus and how is it spread?

What is coronavirus and how is it spread (Infographic:
What is coronavirus and how is it spread (Infographic: