A driverless freight train traveled three provinces and created terror in the towns

A “ghost train” traveled three provinces without a driver and generated terror among the inhabitants of various towns. The formation, with 40 wagons, began to advance apparently alone in Metán, Salta and recently managed to be arrested almost 300 kilometers, in Monte Quemado, Santiago del Estero.

Like the plot of the Hollywood movie “Unstoppable”, starring Denzel Washington, an operation was mounted to stop him, which had some failed attempts until the situation could be controlled.

Around 2:40 in the morning this Sunday, the formation belonging to the company Trenes Argentinos Cargas (Belgrano Line), with its wagons full of corn, began to move when it was on the cargo beach of the Bunge company diversion. (Piquete Cabado) at Km 1108 Branch C 18.

The authorities of the different localities through which the train runs were alerted and acted to prevent accidents, since the train circulated very fast, reaching 100 kilometers per hour. As detailed by local media, the road through which the formation advanced is newly renovated and on a slope, which caused it to gain speed.

After being alerted to the situation, the operators of the state railway company went into emergency along the entire branch, and they worked together with the Security Forces and other state authorities to stop the train.

Before managing to stop the formation, there was a failed attempt in the town of Urutau. Those in charge of the operation identified their errors and tried again less than 8 km from Monte Quemado. It was there where railway staff determined to open the tracks for voluntarily derail the train. However, the measure did not materialize, because the unevenness in elevation of the ground decreased the speed of the train, which allowed an operator to get into the formation and apply the brakes.