when Argentines stranded in Miami return

Airlines authorities are working on a schedule for the remaining destinations that will be announced in the coming hours

The first flight of Aerolineas Argentinas destined to bring Argentine residents who are abroad, as part of the operation after the travel restrictions of the United States, Europe and other countries imposed by the national government as a result of the coronavirusIt will be on Wednesday the 18th from Miami.

As reported by the company in a statement, Flight AR1305 will depart on March 18 at 6:40 p.m. from the Miami airport to the city of Buenos Aires in order to fulfill the objective set by the Executive Power to bring Argentines who have not been able to return after the closure of flights to Europe and the United States.

“We assume this commitment as a flag carrier because it is part of the social role that Airlines Argentines have. At this very complex moment in the whole world we have the mandate to rise to the occasion, “explained Pablo Ceriani, president of Aerolineas Argentinas.

Ceriani remarked that they are “working to the maximum” of their possibilities “in all operational and customer service areas” and maintained that “the commitment is very high in all sectors and levels of the company.”

The Airbus 330-200 with 270 seats of Airlines will depart from Buenos Aires the same Wednesday at 8.30 and is part of the special operation in which the company is working.

Airlines has a fleet of 10 Airbus 330-200 model aircraft, which once the temporary suspension of all international flights is arranged by the DNU signed by the President of the Nation they will be at the exclusive service of the special flights that the company plans to carry out.

Ceriani assured this Saturday that the flag line It has registered 5,400 passengers to repatriate in the coming days. “We did talks and training in the company for the crew and we are constantly giving them safety health instructions for the flights and for the base,” he explained.

It is estimated that there are more than 5,000 Argentines stranded by the coronavirus

Coronavirus: Argentines stranded in Madrid

The Argentine Consul in Madrid, Moira Wilkinson, explained what is the situation of the Argentines who are stranded in the capital of Spain and who want to return to Argentina. “We have between 600 and 700 registered Argentines who want to return to the country. Most of them are tourists who already had scheduled flights but want to overtake them, “he said.

“They had tickets to return between March 23 and May 5. It is a large group of people who want to return,” he explained, while he said that some of those who want to return “were with a prolonged residence and expressed their desire to return to their country of origin. “

Wilkinson assured that so far they have no information that there are Argentines with coronavirus in Madrid and that together with the Chancellery are working to organize the repatriation operation.

The Government suspended international flights from countries affected by coronavirus

Coronavirus: what about international flights

Notably the Government suspended all international flights from the countries affected by the coronavirus. The measure was made official through a Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU). It extended for a period of 30 days and refers to the frequencies scheduled to travel from China, South Korea, Japan, Iran, the United States and all the countries of Europe.

On a national chain, President Alberto Fernández referred to the restriction and assured that “measures will be implemented to facilitate the return of those countries to residents of Argentina.”

The decisions are part of the precautionary strategies prepared in the face of the global spread of COVID-19. In principle, the temporary cancellation will be valid for one month, although it could be prolonged. “The enforcement authority may extend or shorten the period provided, in view of the evolution of the epidemiological situation,” is communicated in the decree signed by the President and the cabinet ministers.

In article 9 of the DNU, however, a possibility of returning to the country is left open. “The enforcement authority may also provide exceptions in order to facilitate the return of persons residing in the country, applying all the corresponding preventive measures, and to meet other circumstances of need,” he clarifies.

In this context, the DNU declared the health emergency for a period of one year. And also established the mandatory quarantine 14 days to avoid contagion. This will be for all Argentines who return to the country from the affected areas but also for those foreigners who arrive from those same destinations.

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