They evaluate the closure of land borders

Alberto Fernández analyzed the possible application of this drastic measure; if adopted, it would only affect the circulation of people but not of merchandise

President Alberto Fernández evaluates the possibility of closing all borders land of Argentina in the event that the advance of cases of contagion of coronavirus, in a measure similar to the one it took with the cancellation of international flights from the areas affected by the pandemic.

The Government is monitoring the evolution of cases of coronavirus confirmed in the country -which at the moment are 34- and believes that a total closure of borders is feasible as a preventive measure, as did several countries in the world, including Israel and Italy.

Several countries in the region are also studying the closure of their borders in the event that the situation worsens, they say at the government house. The President discussed the issue with the Ministers of Health, Ginés González García; Security, Sabina Frederic, and Interior, Wado de Pedro, among others.

From the Casa Rosada they explained that the closing of the 160 steps border terrestrial Argentina would only be implemented for people, but not for merchandise. The idea is that the economy is not affected more than what is already affecting it pandemic, according to Infobae.

The presidential decree that was issued this week to confront the coronavirus suspended international passenger flights from “affected areas” for a period of 30 days, and empowered the enforcement authority to “provide exceptions to facilitate the return of persons residing in the country, applying all corresponding preventive measures and to meet other circumstances of need. “

That decree said nothing about the closure of borders terrestrial reason why a new norm should be established in case the presidential decision is made.

This is what the Interior and Security Ministers evaluated with President Alberto Fernández at the meeting in which the subject was analyzed with greater rigor and impact evaluation.

For example, the step frontier Iguazú, in the province of Misiones, would be the one that would present the most difficulties since after Ezeiza airport it is the one that receives the most people. More than 11 million people a year circulate there.

This Friday, the ministers De Pedro and Frederic moved to the Iguazú pass along with the governor of Misiones, Oscar Herrera Ahuad, for an inspection visit. National officials assured that the State is taking the necessary measures to contain the spread of virus and that, in addition, the country is acting according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

In this framework, Minister De Pedro assured that “the monitoring of the movements of people in our country is being strengthened, together with the Ministry of Security and the Ministry of Health border

“The President entrusted us, together with the Minister of Security, to strengthen controls, monitor, travel and be close to the needs of the people, as well as verify that the protocols are met,” added the official during the visit.

In turn, Minister Frederic supervised the work of the National Gendarmerie, which is the federal force that has jurisdiction in the steps border and the reinforcement of staffing was analyzed to guarantee greater agility in the sanitary procedures for controlling the entry of people.

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