The National Polytechnic Institute joined the class suspension and launched 10 preventive measures for its students

The different institutes of upper-secondary and higher education in Mexico have begun to take preventive measures due to the growing contagion of coronavirus in Aztec territory and now the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) has also joined.

Through a statement published on their social networks, the IPN gave its first 10 preventive protective actions by the declared world pandemic of covid-19.

First, in the document signed by the IPN General Directorate revealed that they will have a one-month suspension after the extension of the Easter holiday period that will last from March 20 to April 20 of the current year. This measurea was proposed by Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, Secretary of Public Education through their official social networks.

The institution, in addition, suspended all massive cultural or school and professional events that would take place in their different schools. Congresses, seminars, meetings, symposia or forums, among others, could be rescheduled, although there were no further details in this regard. In sports, on the other hand, the different disciplines could be played behind closed doors if necessary and even canceled indefinitely.

Regarding the continuity of studies during the new holiday period imposed, teachers were asked to contact their students through the different official digital platforms like PoliVirtual.

If there are pending investigations, links or external services, They will be developed according to the needs of each project.

In the case of extracurricular courses in continuing education and languages, as well as exams or their preparation, They will be rescheduled upon return to school.

Unfortunately, the international trips of the students or teams from all schools, as well as those involved in the academic mobility program, were also suspended.. Students who are already in other countries will not be able to return. The Community Social Service Brigades may not leave either.

At the entrance and exit of each campus, on the other hande, there will be a reinforcement of sanitary measures and filters, as well as in each of the classrooms, laboratories or workshops.

Finally, during the period established as vacation, the IPN authorities ordered a deep cleaning of the facilities of each campus.

As an extra recommendation, the National Polytechnic Institute asked its students to respect the sanitary measures thatThey have been issued by federal authorities. Hand washing, special greetings, respiratory etiquette, or self-confinement could be vital these days.

If you require attention or just want to be informed, You can consult the Special Commission for Prevention and Attention to Covid-19 or to the academic unit of your campus, as indicated in their statement.

The Tecnológico de Monterrey, for its part announced that will suspend face-to-face classes of the systems prepa, professional and postgraduate in all their schools within the republic. The order will take effect from Tuesday, March 17; however, there will be online academic programs starting on the 23rd of the same month.

The University of Monterrey He decided stop activities from Friday, March 13, in all levels and until Tuesday March 17, in addition to starting a thorough cleaning during the period of the students at home.

The Iberoamerican University she is the only one who refused to suspend her class period Unless there is a confirmed case of the disease at your school and for only 15 days, the approximate incubation period for the virus.