how it affects American Airlines

The ban on flights to Europe and the growing zeal of governments around the world puts airlines in check

The coronavirus pandemic and the consequent blockage of flights being carried out by countries around the world put long-haul flights in check.

Among the companies that carry out this kind of global itineraries, American Airlines stands out, which will implement a gradual suspension of additional long-distance international flights from the US. from March 16 to May 6.

In response to the decrease in demand and the travel restrictions imposed by the North American government due to the coronavirus outbreak, the airline will take the following measures, as detailed by the specialized portal

– Reduce international capacity by 75% compared to the 2019 offer: from March 16 to May 6.

– Operate one daily flight from Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) to London (LHR), one daily flight from Miami (MIA) to LHR and three weekly flights from DFW to Tokyo (NRT).

– Continue the operation of international short-distance flights, including flights to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and certain markets in the northern part of South America, as scheduled.

In addition to the international changes, the airline anticipates that its domestic capacity in April will decrease by 20% compared to last year and May’s domestic capacity will decrease by 30% compared to 2019.

International route changes

By region, the new schedule changes include the following, according to

Asia, effective March 16
American will suspend all flights to Asia except three flights per week from DFW to NRT.

Australia and New Zealand, starting March 16.

It will suspend service from Los Angeles (LAX) to Auckland (AKL) from March 16, bringing forward the end of the seasonal route, originally scheduled for March 28.

It will suspend LAX service to Sydney (SYD) from March 16.

Europe, gradual suspension
American will continue to operate a daily flight from DFW to LHR and MIA to LHR.

It will suspend flights from New York (JFK), Boston (BOS), Chicago (ORD) and LAX to LHR gradually over the next seven days to accommodate passengers and crew.

LHR, Dublin (DUB) and Manchester (MAN) flights from Charlotte (CLT), Philadelphia (PHL) and Phoenix (PHX) will be suspended faster as these airports are not entry points approved by the Department of Homeland Security. from USA to continue operating after the restriction. Final flights from CLT, PHL and PHX will be on March 15; Final flights returning from LHR, DUB and MAN will depart on March 16.

Continuous suspensions in other parts of Europe, including delayed start of some seasonal routes, as well as flights to and from Amsterdam (AMS), Barcelona (BCN), Frankfurt (FRA), Madrid (MAD) and Munich (MUC) Paris (CDG ) and Zurich (ZRH) until early May, or later, according to instructions from the US government. UU. and customer demand.

South America, effective March 16
It will suspend JFK and MIA service to Rio de Janeiro (GIG) and Georgetown, Guyana (GEO).

It will suspend the DFW, JFK and MIA service to São Paulo (GRU).

It will suspend the DFW and MIA service to Chile (Santiago-SCL), Colombia (Bogotá -BOG), Ecuador (Guayaquil -GYE and Quito -UIO), Peru (Lima -LIM).

It will suspend the MIA service to Brazil (Brasilia -BSB) and Manaus -MAO) and Colombia (Barranquilla -BAQ, Cartagena -CTG, Cali -CLO), Medellín -MDE) and Pereira -PEI).

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