Coronavirus, live: the advance of the pandemic around the world

The coronavirus continues to spread around the world, with new cases of infection and fatalities in Asia, Europe, the United States, and confirmed patients in Latin America. Governments are considering taking more drastic measures to stop the advance of the strain, although it does not have a high mortality rate, it presents difficulties for an early detection that helps to stop the spread.

The schedules are expressed in GMT:

7.00: Polls opened for municipal elections across France, despite restrictive measures. More than 47 million citizens are called to the polls.

5.00: People from abroad who come to Beijing will be put in quarantine in special centers starting Monday to fight cases of new imported coronaviruses. People they will have to pay the costs of the staysaid the Beijing Daily, an official English newspaper. China reported 20 new cases, of which 16 are from people who came from abroad.

03:30: The Minister of Communication and Information of the dictatorship in Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, stated that as of Sunday, all flights from the Dominican Republic and Panama are suspended for 30 days to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, as reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela through social networks.

03:21: The Acting President of BoliviaJeanine Áñez announced that people from China, South Korea, Italy and Spain will be banned from entering the country, as part of the measures the country is taking to deal with the coronavirus.

03:16: At least six people who were close to the president of BrazilJair Bolsonaro, during his recent trip to the United States, tested positive for coronavirus.

03:11: The Ecuadorian authorities have announced the closure of land and sea borders and the suspension of international flights to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, of which 28 cases have been confirmed so far in Ecuadorian territory. There are 28 cases and two confirmed deaths from the new coronavirus.

03:00: The President of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, announced the suspension of the mobilizations against the dictator Nicolás Maduro to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

02:41: The Government of India declared the state of “catastrophe” to facilitate the release of the funds needed by those affected by the coronavirus, as reported by the Interior Ministry on Saturday.

02:33: The health authorities of Namibia, Rwanda and Mauritania have confirmed this Saturday the appearance of the first cases of coronavirus in their countries, including those of two people who came from Spain, according to the Namibian Ministry of Health. from Twitter.

02:20: The Netherlands confirmed 155 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, up to a total of 959 infections since the appearance of what is now considered a pandemic.

02:11: The British Government confirmed 10 deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, bringing the death to this new disease to 21 in the United Kingdom.

03:00: The self-proclaimed president of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, has announced that various countries in the international community have committed more than 100 million dollars (euros) for the acquisition of medical supplies to combat the coronavirus. The announcement came after a meeting by Áñez with diplomatic representatives of countries such as Italy or China.

02:40: The Iranian Government confirmed that the number of deaths from the coronavirus has increased to 611 – compared to 514 in the last balance – and that the total number of confirmed cases in the country is 12,729, as reported by the Ministry of Health.

02:11: The dictator of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, decreed the National Alarm State for the coronavirus after the confirmation of the first two cases in the country. In addition, Maduro has announced that in the next few days work activities will be suspended throughout the country to prevent the spread.

02:00: The Government of Venezuela condemned the decision of the President of Colombia, Iván Duque, to close the seven border crossings on the understanding that it is a decision that will only increase the use of clandestine routes controlled by the paramilitaries, which nullifies the necessary sanitary controls.

01:30: The National Health Commission of China confirmed that the numbers of confirmed and suspected cases of local coronavirus transmission in the mainland have decreased for almost a week, in what is a clearly downward trend, as reported this Saturday by the National Health Commission (CNS).

01:20: The Philippine government established a curfew in the country’s capital, Manila, after finding 34 new positive for coronavirus, up to 98 cases, and three died in the last hour.

01:00: The Secretariat of Salud de México (SSA) confirmed that there are already 41 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country and 155 suspected cases in study.

00:40: The Polish Government still maintains the date of the presidential elections of May 10 but recognized that the crisis caused by the coronavirus has created a situation in permanent evolution and this possibility can no longer be ruled out.

00:30: Peru confirmed five new cases of coronavirus and with this rose to 43 the number of people affected in the country.

23:30: The president of United States, Donald Trump tested negative for the coronavirus. The president underwent the test after coming into contact with several members of a Brazilian presidential delegation who visited his Florida resort and who tested positive. “This afternoon I received confirmation that the test is negative,” said the President’s physician, Sean Conley.

23:00: The wife of the President of the Spanish Government, Begoña Gómez, has tested positive for the coronavirusAccording to sources from the Executive who assure that both she and her husband, Pedro Sánchez, are well.

Both are kept in the Palacio de la Moncloa and at all times follow the preventive measures established by the health authorities.

The positive of Sánchez’s wife has been detected through tests carried out in recent hours on people closest to the Prime Minister.

22:30: Argentina reported 11 new cases of coronavirus in the country and there are a total of 45 infected. They belong to the City of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Chaco and the province of Buenos Aires. Of the 11 infected people, 10 correspond to cases with a history of travel to risk areas, while the other confirmed case belongs to close contact with confirmed cases.

The 11 patients are complying with the established isolation by the health authorities and under the medical supervision of the institutions that attended them. Of the 45 patients reported so far, 3 were discharged, 2 died and 40 are in treatment.

20:20: Israel confirmed 193 coronavirus cases, 46 more than on Friday, and are preparing exceptional measures to curb the contagion that could be caused by the closure for five weeks of companies and businesses.

In addition, almost 40,000 people are in quarantine, including 2,479 toilets, according to data from the Israeli Ministry of Health collected by the newspaper. The Jerusalem Post. Three of the patients are in critical condition.

Meanwhile, it has been leaked to the media that the Government is preparing to close all non-essential activities for five weeks to combat contagion. Only supermarkets and pharmacies will remain open. On Thursday the government already announced the closure of all colleges and universities. Now the closure would be extended to nursery schools, special education centers and boarding schools.

20:10: The Spanish Government restricted the movement of people throughout the country, except for exceptional reasons, within the state of alarm that it approved this Saturday to combat the expansion of the coronavirus.

The measures, the most drastic approved by a Spanish Executive in decades, establish from this Saturday the closure of educational centers nationwide, as well as non-essential shops, sports and cultural shows and entertainment venues, announced the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez.

20:00: Venezuela demanded a “mandatory quarantine” for all travelers from Europe who arrived in the country in March, one day after confirming their first two cases of the new coronavirus.

19:50:Ecuador decided to prohibit, from tomorrow, the entry of foreigners by air, land or sea in the framework of the declared health emergency to prevent the spread of Covid 19. “This prohibition is effective from Sunday March 15 at 11:59 pm for foreign citizens. That is to say, prohibition of entry by any means of transport, be it air, sea or land for foreign citizens starting tomorrow, “reported Ecuador Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner.

He clarified that for Ecuadorians or foreigners residing in Ecuador, the prohibition applies “from Monday, March 16 at 11:59 p.m.” In the country there are two confirmed deaths from coronavirus and 28 infected.

19:30: Colombia expelled two French and two Spaniards for violating mandatory isolation for travelers arriving from France and Spain, one of the countries most affected by the new coronavirus pandemic.

18:50:France announced on Saturday the closure after midnight of “all non-essential public premises”, such as bars, restaurants and cinemas, and the passage to phase 3 of the epidemic, which implies that the coronavirus is present throughout the territory.

18:30: Ecuador reported the second death from the coronavirus and confirmed 28 infected.

17:50: Two cases of coronavirus were registered in Jalisco and they accumulate 30 infected in Mexico.

17:30: The United States raised the death toll to 50 and contagions to more than 2,500.

17:10: New York confirmed her first death from coronavirus and registered 524 cases of contagion. Governor Andrew Cuomo said he is concerned about the capacity of the hospital system, and welcomed President Donald Trump’s decision to declare a health emergency nationwide.

five pm:The death toll in Italy rose to 1,441. Civil Protection reported that 175 people died in the last twenty-four hours on Italian territory.

16:35: Donald Trump reported that he underwent a test for coronavirus whose result is still unknown. “Last night I underwent the test. I decided that I should do it because at the press conference there were people asking if I had been tested, “he told a conference with journalists at the White House, after explaining on Friday that he did not need it because he had no symptoms.

16:25: The White House announced that it will take the temperature of “all people in close contact” with the President of the United States, Donald Trump; and Vice President Mike Pence, “as a precaution” against the coronavirus.

The head of state assured on Friday that he did not undergo a test, despite having been in contact with a Brazilian infected with the coronavirus. And during a press conference at the White House, he waved repeatedly, going against health recommendations.

16:25: The Netherlands confirmed 155 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours up to a total of 959 infections since the appearance of what is now considered a pandemic.

At the moment, however, there is no record of new deaths from the disease, which has claimed a dozen fatalities, according to the latest balance from the Ministry of Health.

16:15: Those infected by coronavirus in Colombia are already 22. Health authorities reported this Saturday six new cases of coronavirus in Colombia, three of them imported and including a Spanish citizen, reported the Ministry of Health.

Of these new cases, three were registered in Bogotá, two in Medellín and one in the town of Rionegro, in the department of Antioquia (northwest), the Health portfolio detailed in a brief statement.

15:30: The Argentinian Lionel Messi He launched this Saturday from his home in Castelldefels (Barcelona) a message of encouragement to everyone for the limitations caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and with the global labels #QuedateEnCasa and #StayAtHome encouraged everyone to be “responsible”.

Along with a photograph at his house with two of his three children, Messi said on his Instagram account: “It is time to be responsible and stay home. They are complicated days for everyone. We live worried about what is happening and we want to help putting ourselves in the place of those who are having the worst of it, either because it directly affected them or their family and friends, or because they are working on the front line to combat it in hospitals and health centers. Health. I want to send a lot of strength to all of them ”.

14:50: The British Government has confirmed this Saturday 10 deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, bringing the death to 21 for this new disease in the UK. The government coordinator for the coronavirus, Chris Whitty, explained that all those who died in the last hours belonged to “at risk” groups.

14:40: Italy approved a protocol to avoid contagion among workers. Unions and employers have signed a protocol to prevent coronavirus infections in the workplace, which among other measures includes the possibility of taking the temperature of employees and limiting their contact.

The agreement came after an all-night negotiation and will serve to “regulate the measures to fight and contain the spread of the coronavirus in the workplace.”

14:10: The Spanish Government approved restricting the movement of people except to go to work, buy food or medicine, go to hospitals or care for the elderly or dependent people. The measure will take effect on Monday from 8:00.

Executive sources explained that these measures are part of the statement of alarm status to contain the coronavirus pandemic, and which would initially last fifteen days, which may be extended for another two weeks with the approval of Congress.

13:45: The authorities of the Iraqi Kurdistan They decreed a 48-hour curfew to try to stem the coronavirus epidemic, leaving the Erbil citadel deserted and the office buildings empty. On Friday at midnight, a curfew was imposed on the two large Kurdish provinces in northern Iraq.

13:30: Cuba confirmed that more than 140 people are in isolation due to coronavirus. They are still being studied because they have been in contact with the confirmed patients (four people, three Italians, and one resident in Santa Clara) or because they are suspected cases of carrying the virus, 84 of them are Cuban.

13:10: Two members of Alavés’ technical staff tested positive for coronavirus. “On the occasion of the tests carried out on behalf of the members of Deportivo Alavés as a result of the current health emergency situation, two positive tests have been found for coronavirus,” the Spanish club indicated.

12:37: The Spanish politician Javier Solana, a former secretary general of NATO and former head of European diplomacy, is admitted to Madrid after testing positive for a coronavirus. “It has tested positive but its evolution is favorable“Said a source from his environment. “I’m improvingSolana himself tweeted in response to a message of encouragement released by a user.

12:20: Seville suspended its Easter processions due to the coronavirus. “The council of brotherhoods and brotherhoods, the city of Seville and the archbishopric agree to suspend the processional parades of Holy Week 2020,” the Sevillian consistory said in a statement.

Public health and the general interest are at stake“Added the statement, which described as” painful “a decision that frustrates months of preparations. The previous suspension of Seville’s Easter dates back to 1933.

12:10: Belgium registered the fourth deceased and 133 new infections. A fourth person with coronavirus has died in Belgium, while infections continue to rise with 133 new positive cases, which brings the total number of patients in the country to 689, the country’s health authorities reported this Saturday.

The 133 new cases arise from the 1,739 tests carried out during Friday and they maintain the ascending path after the 153 positives announced that day.

About the deceased room, health authorities told the news agency EFE what it is an elderly person, although they did not provide more details. Previously, three other individuals, aged 90, 73 and 86, had already died from COVID-19.

12:00: Spain registered 1,500 new cases of coronavirus since Friday afternoon, raising the balance of the epidemic to 5,753 infected and 136 people dead, 15 more than before, according to data released this Saturday by the Ministry of Health.

The Spanish government launches this Saturday the state of alarm to fight against the coronavirus in this country, the second most punished in Europe that in less than a week has multiplied by ten the number of infected.

11:30: The coronavirus took life from one of the senior commanders of the Guardians of the Revolution CorpsNaser Shabaní, who had various responsibilities in that elite body over the past 37 years.

Shabaní has ​​been a commander in various ranks, as commander of the urban corps, of provincial and regional corps and yesterday lost his life to be infected with coronavirus, local media reported today that highlight his military leadership.

11:15: Brazilian health authorities announced the country’s first cured coronavirus patient, where there are about a hundred confirmed cases and another 1,500 are under investigation, with no deaths registered.

This was confirmed by the coordinator of the Coronavirus Contingency Center in the State of Sao Paulo, David Uip, at a press conference in which the Brazilian Minister of Health, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, also participated, among other authorities.

10:50: Iran announced another 97 dead from the coronavirus. The official balance of the epidemic rose to 611 dead in the country, one of the most affected in the world.

“Were registered 1,365 new cases of contaminated people in the last 24 hours, ”said the spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Kianoush Jahanpur, at a press conference on television. This number brings to 12,729 the number of infections in Iran.

10:30: Turkey closes its borders to citizens of nine European countries, including Spain. The country announced the closure of its borders to citizens of nine European nations, including Spain, as part of its measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic, as reported by the Interior Ministry.

The affected countries, together with Spain, are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden.

09:45: Argentina National Team footballer Germán Pezzella has a coronavirus. “ACF Fiorentina announces that, after the positivity of Coronavirus-COVID-19 by Dusan Vlahovic, in the presence of some symptoms, the players Patrick Cutrone and German Pezzella and the physical therapist Stefano Dainelli have had a positive result. They are all in good health at their home in Florence, ”the club announced in a statement.

9:10: The Government of Peru tightened the measures to deal with the coronavirus outbreak and warned that tourists who fail to file an affidavit of health or quarantine protocols will be denounced and could go to prison.

08:35: The Brazilian ambassador in Washington, Nestor Forster, positive for coronavirusdays after dining with US President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Forster is the third person to be in contact with Trump this past weekend at his Florida mansion who tests positive for COVID-19.

08:00: Apple closes all its stores outside China until March 27 due to pandemic. The leading maker of mobile phones and computers claims to have learned its lesson in China, where it closed its stores when the epidemic escalated and has just reopened. “The most effective way to minimize virus transmission is to reduce concentrations of people and increase the distance between them,” Tim Cook said in a statement.

07:40: Russia closes its land borders with Poland and Norway for foreigners. The ban will apply to all foreigners traveling “for professional or private reasons” Those from Belarus, members of “official delegations” and people who have a residence permit in Russia are exempt, according to the statement by the head of government, Mikhail Mishustin.

05:35: The Panamanian Government will cancel flights from Europe. “We are going to talk to the airlines that come from these countries with health risk and we are going to make the list of the countries that we will have restricted to travel to Panama,” Gustavo Pérez, director general of the Civil Aviation Authority, reported at a press conference.

04:15: The health authorities of Bolivia reported this Friday that confirmed cases of coronavirus they went up from three to 10 in the country, with seven new patients who were in contact with one of the first people who tested positive for the disease.

03:15: China registers 11 new cases of coronavirus, most of them “imported”. Among these cases, only four were registered in the city of Wuhan (center), the epicenter of COVID-19 and where the virus appeared in late 2019, according to the Ministry of Health. It is the lowest figure since the start of the publication of statistics on the disease in January.

01:30: Maduro declares “state of alarm” after the arrival of the coronavirus in Venezuela. “We are beginning a collective quarantine, a social quarantine,” he said on radio and television after signing the decree of the state of alarm, a form of state of emergency that gives him special powers.

00:00: Colombia closes the borders with Venezuela and restricts access to Europe and Asia due to the pandemic. Colombian President Iván Duque announced this Friday the closure of border crossings with Venezuela and restricted the entry of foreigners who have been in Europe and Asia in the last 14 days, as measures to stop the expansion of the new coronavirus.

23:45: Uruguay will announce the “partial closure”Of borders and the suspension of all public shows due to the coronavirus. In a press conference held on Friday night, President Luis Lacalle Pou affirmed that the confirmation of the cases forced the government to change attitude that it had had so far before the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are in a different phase (and that merits) a change of attitude and action by the Government“Said the president before announcing the health emergency.

21:30:There are three new cases of coronavirus in Argentina and the total of infected amounts to 34. So far there have been two deaths. The first was a 64-year-old man who was admitted to the Argerich Hospital. He had traveled to Italy. The second death occurred this Friday in Chaco: a 61-year-old engineer who was hospitalized in Resistencia. He had also been in Europe and arrived in the country on February 24.

21:20: Karina Kufa, attorney for President Jair Bolsonaro and treasurer of the government party Alianza por Brasil, reported this Friday that the results of her examination showed that had contracted coronavirus.

Kufa is the second person close to the Brazilian president who has been infected with the virus, after Fabio Wajngarten, the head of the Special Secretariat for Communication (Secom) of the Brazilian Presidency.

20:00: The Catalan government decided the total confinement of the region, nobody will be able to enter or leave.

19:30:Donald Trump declared the national emergency to stop the coronavirus pandemic.

19:00: They confirmed the first four cases of coronavirus in Uruguay.

17:20: The total number of deaths from coronavirus in Italy amounts to 1266, after registering the record of 250 deaths in the last 24 hours.

five pm: Confirmed the second death from coronavirus in Argentina.

16:58: President Donald trump plans to declare a national emergency on Friday over the outbreak of coronavirusinvoking the Stafford law to open the door to more federal aid for states and municipalities, according to two people close to the matter. Trump it is under increasing pressure to take action as governors and mayors across the country intensify provisions to mitigate the spread, closing schools and canceling public events. The president said he will hold a press conference at 3 p.m. to make the announcement.

16:37: Miami Mayor Francis Suarez tested positive for coronavirus after participating in an event with Bolsonaro. It had been quarantined preventively on Thursday.

16:30: The World Health Organization said Friday that it cannot yet be said when the COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed more than 5,000 people worldwide, will peak. “It is impossible for us to say when it will peak globally,” said Maria Van Kerkhove, who heads the WHO emerging diseases unit, at a virtual press conference, adding that Europe “is the new epicenter of the pandemic. “

15:43: The test that Jair Bolsonaro underwent to check if he had a coronavirus was negative, as reported by the Brazilian president on his official Twitter account.

15:30: Queen Elizabeth II has postponed her commitments due to the spread of the coronavirus, Buckingham Palace said Friday, calling it “sensible caution and for practical reasons.” The royal house said the 93-year-old monarch’s planned visits next week to Cheshire in north-west England and Camden in north London “will be rescheduled,” although the hearings “will continue as usual.”

14:43: President Pedro Sánchez decreed the state of alarm throughout Spain for the coronavirus. “The health and social emergency generated by the coronavirus known as COVID-19 creates extraordinary circumstances such as those that the law provides to provide the government with extraordinary legal resources. At the meeting scheduled for tomorrow, the Minister’s Council will adopt a series of exceptional decisions under the declaration of the state of alarm to be enacted tomorrow, “Sánchez said in a televised message.

14:20: British Airways will have to cut jobs due to reduced activity caused by the coronavirus epidemic, its Spanish president, Alex Cruz, warned on Friday. “We cannot maintain our workforce at its current level,” he said according to a memorandum sent to staff, the content of which was confirmed by a spokesperson. “We will stop covering certain destinations and keep planes on the ground like never before,” he said.

13:57: Most regions of Germany will close schools starting Monday, authorities in the territories concerned announced on Friday. The measure so far covers 10 of the 16 German regions, including North Rhine-Westphalia, the country’s most populous with 18 million inhabitants, as well as Bavaria (13 million), and Berlin.

13:31: Steven Mnuchin, US Treasury Secretary, said Friday that the impact of the coronavirus on the economy is a “short-term issue.” “There is no doubt that there is an economic problem in the short term, but we will overcome it,” he said in an interview. He also confirmed that Congress and President Donald Trump are “very close” to reaching a stimulus agreement to fight the economic effects of the outbreak.

13:20: Spain already registers 120 deaths and more than 4,200 infected by the coronavirus, the government confirmed. The last figure that had been released was 90 deaths, which reveals an alarming increase in a very short time.

12:58: The Bahrain Grand Prix, scheduled for March 22, was postponed to an unknown date due to the coronavirus pandemic, the leading authorities of Formula 1 announced this Friday, a decision that comes after the cancellations of the races in Australia and Vietnam.

12:35: Iran has ordered its security forces to clear the streets across the country within 24 hours, in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the head of the armed forces said on Friday. A newly formed commission will oversee the “emptying of shops, streets and highways,” Major General Mohammad Bagheri said in televised remarks.

12:16: France prohibits meetings of more than 100 people due to the coronavirus. Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced this Friday in an interview. President Emmanuel Macron ordered the closure, as of Monday, and “until further notice”, of kindergartens, schools and universities to stop the spread of the virus, which has killed 61 people and infected almost 3,000 in the country.

11:57: The Hungarian government announced on Friday the cancellation of the departure of the Giro d’Italia on May 9 in Budapest, and of the next two stages of the emblematic cycling race, due to the coronavirus epidemic. “Hungary will not be able to organize the first three stages of the Giro d’Italia,” Mariusz Revesz, in charge of organizing sporting events for the Hungarian government, reported on his Facebook page. “The goal is for the Giro to start in Hungary on another date,” he added.

11:33: There are already more than 5,000 deaths worldwide from the coronavirus pandemic. At least 5,043 people lost their lives after becoming infected, according to an agency balance AFP prepared thanks to official sources on Friday. In mainland China 3,176 people died; in Italy, 1,016; and in Iran, 514. They are the three countries most affected by COVID-19. More than 134,300 people have been contaminated in 121 countries and territories.

11:22: A special adviser to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, tested positive for coronavirus. Ali Akbar Velayati, Khamenei’s main foreign policy reference, was so contagious to have contact with several infected patients. It is now quarantined.

10:59: Spain raised the death toll to 90 and the number of infected to 3,864. The situation is especially alarming in Madrid, where there are already almost 2,000 infected people and 40 deaths, and in the Basque Country, which declared a “health emergency” after the confirmation of 346 cases and nine deaths.

10:12: The number of infected in the United States amounts to 1,701 cases. At least 40 people died and 12 recovered. At least six states announced school closings starting Monday and for two weeks: Ohio, Michigan, Oregon, Maryland, Kentucky, and New Mexico.

09:54: The Estonian government declared a state of emergency and ordered a battery of measures to combat the coronavirus outbreak, including the imposition of border controls and the closure of all schools starting Monday.

09:43: The pandemic of the new coronavirus originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan has exceeded 128,000 infections and totals more than 4,700 fatalities in more than a hundred countries, according to data from health authorities compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

09:23: Norges Bank, Norway’s central bank, decided to lower its monetary policy reference interest rate by 50 basis points, to 1%, after holding an emergency meeting to address the impact of the coronavirus on the country’s economy and ensure economic stability at the risk of a “pronounced recession”, as announced by the institution in a statement.

09:00: The governments of Kenya, Gabon and Ghana announced this Thursday the first cases of the new coronavirus in their territories, which has already led to control measures to prevent the further expansion of this outbreak.

08:32: United States Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus has called on the Iranian government to release all citizens “unfairly” sentenced to prison terms in the Islamic Republic, after Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamad Yavad Zarif demanded the lifting of US sanctions in order to face the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

08:16: The pandemic of the new coronavirus leaves a balance in the United States territory of more than 1,600 infected people and a total of 40 fatalities, according to federal data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

08:00: Australia’s Interior Minister Peter Dutton has confirmed he tested positive for the coronavirus medical test after waking up with some fever and a sore throat, ABC television reported.

07:23: China announced only eight new coronavirus infections on Friday, the lowest number since it began publishing statistics on the epidemic in mid-January.

07:18: A passenger and a crew member of a ship belonging to the Costa Cruises company, quarantined off the coast of Martinique, are infected with the new coronavirus, local authorities announced on Friday.

07:00: The president of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo, announced this Friday the declaration of the state of emergency with the aim of containing the coronavirus pandemic in the country, which so far has registered 27 cases and one death.

06:30: A delegate from the Philippine permanent mission to the United Nations tested positive for the new coronavirus, the first known case at the UN headquarters in New York.

06:00: The president of the National Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (DINAC) Édgar Melgarejo, announced that Paraguay will suspend the routes of commercial flights from Europe from this Saturday until March 26.

05:30: The Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS) party in Bolivia and the electoral alliances Comunidad Ciudadana (CC) have decided to suspend their massive campaign acts as a measure of prevention and control of the new coronavirus.

05:07: The Minister of Communication and spokesman for the Government of Gabon, Edgar Anicet Mboumbou Miyakou, and the Ghanaian Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyeman-Manu, announced the first cases of the new coronavirus in their territories.

05:01: Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, the wife of the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has tested positive to diagnose the new coronavirus, so the president will remain in quarantine for 14 days.

04:50: Chinese President Xi Jinping invited the international community to take “urgent action” against the new coronavirus epidemic in a conversation with United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres.

04:21: The president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, announced measures to combat an eventual arrival of the coronavirus in the country, which currently has not registered any cases.

04:14: The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, reported that the Government will be “very strict” with “sanitary controls” in all access points and will prohibit for 30 days the flights from the regions most affected by the coronavirus such as Europe, the United States, China or South Korea, in order to avoid “as much as possible” that more cases occur in the country, which as of today are numbered at 31.

04:02: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his main opponent, Benny Gantz, discussed late on Thursday the possibility of forming an emergency government in the face of the crisis unleashed by the new coronavirus.

04:00: The Government of Honduras vetoed the entry into the country of people from Europe, China, Iran and South Korea, neither by air nor by land, as a preventive measure to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

03:41: The Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs “strongly” asked its citizens to return to their homes as soon as possible to avoid being exposed to the coronavirus and called on potential tourists not to enter the country if it is not “urgently necessary”.

03:17: The Government of Peru suspended the arrival of flights from Europe and Asia to the country as a measure to prevent the new coronavirus, as reported by the Presidency of the Peruvian Council of Ministers in a statement.

03:00: The Moroccan authorities will close the borders of Ceuta and Melilla at the Beni Enzar border post during the early hours of this Friday, as a preventive measure to contain the entry of people with coronaviruses into their respective territories.

02:30: Israeli opposition leader Benny Gantz said late on Thursday that he is ready to discuss the possibility of forming a unity government with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

02:00: The mayor of the American city of New York, Bill de Blasio, declared this Thursday a state of emergency due to the coronavirus, which has so far left 35 dead and close to a thousand infected, and has warned that the health crisis could “Easily” last about six months.

01:30: The Government of Sudan announced on Thursday the entry ban on citizens from eight countries, including Spain, because of the new coronavirus, which has left more than 4,600 deaths worldwide.

01:13: Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, ordered the Army on Thursday to create a “central office for health and treatment” to try to cope with the outbreak of the new coronavirus, which has so far left nearly 430 dead in the country. .

01:00: The Royal House of Denmark announced the cancellation of all events planned for the celebration of Queen Margaret’s 80th birthday on April 16, due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

00:43 The European Union and the United Kingdom decided to suspend the face-to-face appointment of their negotiating teams next week in London to avoid risks of contagion by coronavirus, so they are now looking for telematic solutions that allow them to hold the round of talks from the distance on the same dates.

00:39: The Moroccan authorities announced this Thursday the suspension until further notice of air connections and maritime passenger traffic to and from Spain, due to the new coronavirus.

00.20: Disney announced the closure of its theme parks in Florida and Paris due to the advance of the pandemic

21.20:The leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, confirmed that he does not have a coronavirus after a test was carried out after the infection by his wife Irene Montero.

20.50: Disneyland theme park in California, United States, closed for a month due to the coronavirus pandemic

20:37: The Norwegian Government confirmed the first death of a patient in the country due to the new coronavirus and added that it is an elderly person admitted to a hospital in the capital, Oslo.

20:07: The diocese of Rome decided to close all its churches until Friday, April 3. A decision that comes after the measure taken by the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) to suspend religious celebrations across the country, including the cancellation of masses, weddings, baptisms and funerals

20.00: Confirmed 9 new cases of coronavirus in Argentina and 30 are already infected

19.20: France announced the closure of kindergartens, schools and universities due to the coronavirus

18.40: New York prohibits all shows with more than 500 people, including Broadway.

17.20: Another 189 deaths from coronaviruses were reported in Italy in the last 24 hours and the total amounts to 1,016.

16.55: The government of Ecuador announced the suspension of classes in all educational establishments in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has been infected in the country for 17 years. The measure, which will take effect from this Friday, is part of the health emergency declared on Wednesday night.

16.45: The Milan stock exchange closed a historical fall of 16.92%. The London Stock Exchange ended with losses of 9.81%, its worst session since 1987.

In Latin America, the Brazil stock market yields 17.6% and the Mexico CPI falls 9.2%.

16.40: Nicolás Maduro declared the Venezuelan health system “in permanent emergency” before the world pandemic. In addition, the Chavista leader announced the suspension of flights from Europe and Colombia for a month. At the moment, the authorities have not contagious in the country.

16.30: The interim government of Bolivia announced the suspension of flights to and from Europe by the coronavirus. It also announced the cancellation of school classes and public events, including sports and cultural events, of more than 1,000 people

16.20: The European Union ordered its “non-essential” staff to work from their homes starting next Monday

16.00: The Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau He is working from home on suspicion of infection from his wife, who underwent a coronavirus test after returning from the UK with some symptoms.

15.50: The falls in world stock markets are deepening. On Wall Street, the Dow Jones is down 9.1%; the London stock exchange fell 9.7% and in Germany the Dax index fell more than 10%.

15.45: The American Football League (MLS) suspended the season due to the advance of the pandemic.

15.40: The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, announced the interruption of all transport to and from the capital Manila and a quarantine to contain the expansion of the coronavirus.

15.30: Donald Trump responded to the European authorities who criticized the ban on travel to the United States from Europe (Shengen space). According to the president, the measure will have a “great impact” on the economy and he did not warn governments because “he had to do it quickly.” In addition, he framed the fact between trade disputes: “When they increase our taxes they do not consult us.”

15.25: Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz is the second NBA player to test positive for coronavirus, the AP agency reported.

15.20: The United States Congress decided to close its doors to all visitors after a Senate employee tested positive by coronavirus, the first known case on Capitol Hill.

15.00: The mayor of NY Bill de Blasio reported this Thursday of closure of two schools who share a building in the district of The Bronx after one of his students tested positive for the coronavirus, the number of which in this city is already in 62 cases.

14.55: The Secretary of Communication of the Presidency of BrazilFábio Wajngarten tested positive for coronavirus. As reported by the government, President Jair Bolsonaro is being monitored, since with almost 65 years he is part of the vulnerable population. Both recently traveled to the United States for a bilateral meeting with Donald Trump.

14.50: Christine Lagarde, head of the European Central Bank, condemned the governments of the region for their “complacency and slow action” to contain the economic impact of the pandemic.

14.45: Tennis suspended. The ATP announced that its tournaments will not be played for the next six weeks, until April 26.

14.30: Three Leicester City club players were quarantined after showing symptoms linked to the coronavirus.

14.25: Slovakia announced the closure of its borders to all foreigners except Poles.

14.20: Italian Manolo Gabbiadini, striker for Sampdoria, tested positive for coronavirus and is the second player of Serie A infected by this disease after Juventus Turin defender Daniele Rugani

14.20: The saint paul bag he interrupted his session for the second time that day, exceeding the new limit of 15% loss.

14.20: The United Kingdom confirmed two new deaths, bringing the total number of victims to 10. Although it is one of the most affected European countries, it is not included in the US travel ban announced last night by Donald Trump.

14.10: After the mandatory suspension on Wall Street for touching the loss limit, the New York Stock Exchange deepens its fall. The Dow Jones declined 8.5%, the S&P 500 index lost 7.5% and the Nasdaq, 6.88%. The day is even worse in Europe: the London stock market gives 8.8% and the Frankfurt stock 9.2%

14.00: Scotland reported 24 new infections, bringing the total to 60.

13.45: Colombia declared the “health emergency”Due to the pandemic, a figure that allows it to take exceptional measures such as prohibiting the disembarkation of cruise ships and the holding of public events with more than 500 attendees.

13.30: The Chinese government announced that a group of nine people with intensive care equipment, medical protection equipment and others left from Shanghai for Rome to assist the Italian government, the most affected in Europe by the pandemic.

13.20: Colombian cyclist Fernando Gaviria confirmed that he is infected with coronavirus. “I am fine and I want to thank the team and the people who have treated me perfectly at the hospital,” he said from the United Arab Emirates.

13.15: India closes New Delhi colleges, universities and cinemas until March 31

13.15: Bolivia confirms the third case of coronavirus, a person who was in Madrid and Miami

13.10: Brasilia He suspended classes, events and forces bars to separate tables two meters away. The country’s capital differentiated itself from the central government of President Jair Bolsonaro and took measures against the coronavirus for five days. In both Rio de Janeiro, the State Health Secretary confirmed 2 autochthonous cases

13.05: With the suspension of classes in the United Kingdom, doubts persist about the nutrition of children who depend on the free school meal program. Vic Godard, a high school principal at Passmores, proposed that the government enter valid coupons in supermarkets for the value of the suspended delivery.

13.00: The Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, was placed in preventive isolation after having been in contact with people who tested positive for coronavirus, the municipality reported. There are already 145 workers and political leaders of the Barcelona City Council who are in quarantine after a positive case of coronavirus

12.50: The company Carnival announced the suspension of their cruises for 90 days

12.40: The airline LATAM announced a 30% reduction in its international flights due to lower demand and restrictions due to the coronavirus.

12.30: Spain raised the death toll from coronavirus to 84 and the number of infected by 2,968. It is the second most affected country in Europe. Until yesterday the number of fatalities was 55. The entire cabinet of ministers was subjected to tests, after the detection of the disease in the Minister of Equality. Also the Kings of Spain were analyzed.

12.20: Latin American currencies fall. The Brazilian real crossed the 5-unit-dollar barrier for the first time. Meanwhile, the Chilean peso lost 2.5% to 857 per US currency, another record low.

12.15: US equity index futures hit their drop limit for the second time this week. The S&P 500 e-minis were down 139.25 points, or 5.08%, until their limit drop of 2,601, which anticipates a black day for Wall Street before the opening, in line with the heavy losses in the markets Europeans.

12.00: The government of Ireland announced the closure of all schools, universities and kindergartens from tomorrow until March 29. In addition, it banned closed events with more than 10 people and outdoor activities with more than 500 attendees.

11.35: Belgium announced that it has detected 85 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of positives for COVID-19 to 339 people and three deaths.

11.30: Poland confirmed the first death in the country from coronavirus

11.20: The team McLaren withdraws from the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix after positive diagnosis from a team member

11.10: The league Spanish soccer team decided to suspend the championship for at least two weeks due to the coronavirus, after establishing a quarantine throughout the Real Madrid for the positive of one of his basketball players, and “possible positives for players from other clubs.”

11.05: Iran reported 75 new deaths from coronavirus, bringing the total to 429 fatalities. For the third consecutive day, it is the worst daily balance for the Persian nation, which does not seem to be able to control the outbreak.

11.00: The director of the World Health Organization stated that the coronavirus pandemic “is controllable”, but stressed that “greater vigilance is needed to identify, isolate, diagnose and treat each case and break the chain of transmission.” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus highlighted his concern because “some countries are not facing the threat with the necessary political commitment

10.50: The leaders of the European Union criticized the “unilateral and without consultation” decision of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to ban foreigners from Europe from entering his country to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In a statement from the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and her counterpart to the European Council, Charles Michel, “disapproved” the measure.

10.20: Iran requested financial aid from the IMF for the first time since 1962 to deal with the epidemic. It is one of the countries most affected worldwide by the virus.

10.10: The Spanish Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, is infected with coronavirus. Meanwhile, her husband, Pablo Iglesias, general secretary of the Podemos party and second vice president of the Pedro Sánchez government, is in quarantine. According to protocol, tests will be carried out this morning on the entire cabinet.

10.05: The Olympic flame for the Tokyo Games was lit in Olympia, in the absence of spectators due to the coronavirus in Greece, which had its first death this morning

10.00: The global balance of the Covid-19 accounts for a total of 126,431 infected people in 116 countries and territories, 4,641 fatalities Y 68,300 people healed, according to official data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

9.45: Austria reported the first coronavirus death on its territory. This is a 69-year-old patient who died in Vienna. The country has registered 302 cases, of which four have already recovered.

9.40: Pope Francis asked for understanding with the decisions that the rulers make to fight the coronavirus epidemic because, although sometimes they are not pleasant, they are, “for our good.”

9.25: China canceled permits to climb Everest due to the coronavirus pandemic, within a few weeks of the expected start of the high season.

09:16: Some 60 people aboard a river cruise in Cambodia remain in quarantine after three British passengers tested positive for the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Cambodian health authorities reported Thursday.

08:59: Kazakhstan’s President Kasim Jomart Tokayev announced the cancellation of all public events, as part of measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan, as reported by the Kazakh news agency. Kazinform.

08:53: The peak of COVID-19 transmissions in China has come to an end, a spokesman for the Asian National Health Commission announced Thursday by the state agency Xinhua.

08:50: The Spanish stock market sinks 5.49% in the opening pending the ECB

09:48: The Venezuelan soccer team removed two players from the call for World Cup qualifying, at the risk of coronavirus

08:45: Madrid asked for measures for 10 days to face the coronavirus and the Government refused.

08:36: The White House decided to cancel the reception on the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day that it had planned to celebrate this Thursday and the visit of the Prime Minister of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, according to the American television channel. CNN.

08:12: The Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) will announce this Thursday what changes they will make in monetary policy with the aim of tackling the impact of the Covid-19 coronavirus on the economy of the euro zone.

07:46: The Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, called for calm to the world population before the recent declaration of the coronavirus as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) and has asked to prevent “fear from going viral “

07:03: The US Department of State has released a travel alert urging its citizens to “reconsider” international travel due to the “global impact” of the new coronavirus.

06:57: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will undergo the coronavirus test, after three government ministers and two senators announced Wednesday that they would remain in quarantine after maintaining contact with one of the 49 people who have been diagnosed with the disease across the country.

06:40: South Korea’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) reported 114 new cases of coronavirus in the country on Thursday, the lowest number confirmed in more than two weeks.

06:25: The Chinese Ministry of Health confirmed on Thursday the death of 11 new people, representing a total of 3,169 deaths, due to the new coronavirus and the contagion of another 15, thus adding 80,793, after another day of decreases in the number of cases that affect the Asian country.

06:10: According to the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, the suspension of trips decided by Donald Trump in the United States to and from the old continent creates a risk of “economic disturbance”.

04:57: Asian stocks fell on Thursday after President Donald Trump announced the suspension of flights from Europe to the United States for 30 days due to the coronavirus, which has become a pandemic according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

04:45:New York postponed the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, dijo el alcalde de la ciudad, días después de que otras ciudades estadounidenses cancelaran las celebraciones por el día del patrón de Irlanda por la pandemia del coronavirus.

04:21: El presidente de Ecuador declara la emergencia sanitaria por el coronavirus

04:00: El primer ministro de Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, anunció este miércoles que el Gobierno inyectará unos 10.000 millones de shekels (2.500 millones de euros) adicionales a la economía israelí para hacer frente al brote de coronavirus, una medida que podría ser ampliada.

03:40: Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced on Wednesday the closure of all schools and a ban on meetings of more than a hundred people as measures to prevent the outbreak of coronavirus from spreading further.

03:20: El Gobierno de Egipto anunció la suspensión de las “actividades escolares” a nivel nacional a causa del nuevo coronavirus, que ha dejado un total de 67 casos en el país y un fallecido.

03:15: El presidente de Colombia, Iván Duque, anunció este miércoles una serie de medidas económicas para intentar mitigar los daños que el coronavirus pudiera ocasionar, en especial, a la industria del turismo en Colombia, entre las cuales está la de facilitar una línea de crédito de 250.000 millones de pesos (unos 63 millones de dólares).

03:00: El presidente de México, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, criticó este miércoles a la oposición por acusar al Gobierno de estar ocultando información acerca de la situación del coronavirus en el país y calificó de “lamentables” estos intentos, aludiendo a que “están desesperados”.

02:30: Corea del Sur anunció este jueves 114 nuevos casos de coronavirus y las autoridades están preocupadas por un nuevo brote en Seúl que amenaza a la capital.

02:00: Guyana confirma su primer caso de Coronavirus

01:30: La NBA suspende temporada tras positivo de coronavirus de un jugador de los Jazz

01:15:Cuba announces the first three cases of coronavirus on the island

00.45: India suspendió todas las visas de turista hasta el 15 de abril.

00.20: Confirman dos nuevos casos en México, en Nuevo León y Querétaro, y el total asciende a 10.

23.40: El Salvador prohibió el ingreso de viajeros procedentes de China, Italia, Corea del Sur, Irán, Francia, Alemania y España y declaró el “Alerta Naranja”. La medida durará en principio 21 días.

23:50: El pre candidato demócrata a la Presidencia de Estados Unidos y ex vicepresidente del país, Joe Biden, ha informado este miércoles de que celebrará sus actos de campaña “de forma virtual” debido a la crisis del coronavirus, que ha dejado una treintena de muertos en el país.

23.30: El ejército italiano ha comenzado a patrullar las calles pidiendo a la gente que no deje sus hogares.

22.30: Declararán la emergencia para todo el condado de Miami-Dade, en Florida, Estados Unidos.

22.20: Confirmaron que el jugador de la Juventus Daniele Rugani tiene coronavirus.

21.10: Italia suspendió todas las actividades comerciales en el país, excepto farmacias y venta de alimentos.

21.00: Se confirmaron dos nuevos casos de coronavirus en la Argentina y el total de contagiados asciende a 21

19.00: El gobierno de Bolivia declaró la emergencia nacional por el coronavirus.

18.00: Declaran estado de emergencia en Bay Harbor Islands, Florida, Estados Unidos, tras detectar un caso sospechoso.

16.40: La Organización Mundial de la Salud declaró el Covid-19 como una pandemia. Además, el titular del organismo denunció que hay “niveles alarmantes de propagación e inacción”As the disease progresses. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus informó que el número de casos de Covid-19 en las últimas dos semanas se ha multiplicado por 13 fuera de China, epicentro del brote de coronavirus, registrándose más de 118.000 casos en 114 países y 4.291 muertos.

16.30: Aplazaron la final de la Copa del Rey de fútbol español entre el Athletic de Bilbao y la Real Sociedad, prevista para el próximo 18 de abril en el estadio de La Cartuja de Sevilla. No se ha definido la nueva fecha.

16.25: España es el segundo país europeo con más casos de coronavirus notificados hasta el momento (2.128, según el último resumen del Ministerio de Sanidad), después de Italia (con 10.146), y por delante de Francia (1.784) y Alemania (1.296).

16.15: El doctor Anthony Fauci, director del Instituto Nacional de Alergias y Enfermedades Infecciosas de Estados Unidos, declaró que la crisis por el coronavirus empeorará. “Puedo decir que veremos más casos y que las cosas empeorarán con respecto a la situación actual”, declaró el funcionario al hablar ante la Comisión para la Supervisión y Reforma del Gobierno de la Cámara de Representantes.

16.10: La reunión de ministros de Relaciones Exteriores del G7 prevista para este mes se realizará de forma virtual por preocupaciones sobre el coronavirus. “Por precaución, Estados Unidos decidió organizar la próxima reunión ministerial del G7 por videoconferencia en lugar de la reunión en Pittsburgh”, dijo una vocera del Departamento de Estado.

16.00: El Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) de Los Ángeles, una de las ferias de videojuegos más grandes del mundo, fue anulado debido a los temores ligados a la epidemia.

15.50: Irlanda reportó la primera víctima mortal del coronavirus en su territorio

15.30: Kuwait suspenderá todos los vuelos comerciales a partir del viernes hasta nuevo aviso por temor a la propagación del coronavirus.

15.20: Tercer caso positivo en el Congreso español. This is the second vice president of the Congress of Deputies, Ana Pastor, member of the Popular Party. Previamente se confirmó el contagio de dos legisladores de Vox: Javier Ortega Smith y Carlos Zambrano.

15.10: GPMoto: la primera fecha de la máxima competición de motociclismo, con sede en Argentina, fue aplazada de abril a noviembre.

14.50: Perú anunció la orden de aislar a los pasajeros que arriben de China, España, Francia e Italia. Además, el presidente Martín Vizcarra aplazó por 15 días el inicio del año escolar, con el fin de prevenir los contagios.

14.35: Todos los partidos de la 26ª jornada de la liga alemana se jugarán a puerta cerrada este fin de semana. En tanto, un jugador profesional dio positivo, en Hanóver (segunda división).

14.25: La compañía aérea alemana Lufthansa anunció que anulará unos 23.000 vuelos entre el 29 de marzo y el 24 de abril por la epidemia de coronavirus, y añadió que “se prevén otras cancelaciones más en las próximas semanas”. Por esta epidemia, el grupo también congelará sus contrataciones y ofrecerá vacaciones sin goce de sueldo a sus empleados.

14.20: Casi el 75% de las empresas estadounidenses reportaron problemas de abastecimiento debido a la epidemia de coronavirus y aún más esperan verse afectadas, según una encuesta del sector.

14.10: El presidente de Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, confirmó los first two cases of coronavirus in the Central American country, en dos mujeres hondureñas que ingresaron por Tegucigalpa y San Pedro Sula, procedentes de España y Suiza.

14.00: La Bolsa de Nueva York se hunde en el inicio de la jornada bursátil, ante interrogantes sobre las medidas de apoyo económico que planea presentar el gobierno de Estados Unidos para enfrentar los efectos del al coronaviris: el Dow Jones perdía 2,89% y el Nasdaq -2,50%.

13.35: Canadá anunció la creación de un fondo de 1.000 millones de dólares canadienses (728 millones de dólares) para apoyar la economía del país ante la epidemia de coronavirus. Este fondo “aporta financiamiento a las provincias y territorios para ayudar a prepararse ante cualquier eventualidad y para atenuar los riesgos” en la población, dijo el premier Justin Trudeau.

13.10: Argentina ordenó un compulsory isolation por 14 días a las personas que ingresen al país sudamericano procedentes de los países más afectados por el nuevo coronavirus “Eso no es voluntario, no es una recomendación. Si no lo cumple, estará incurriendo en un delito, que es poner en riesgo la salud pública”, dijo el presidente Alberto Fernández.

12.50: El gobierno británico destinará 30.000 millones de libras para contrarrestar efectos del coronavirus. Según el ministro de Finanzas, la crisis tendrá un impacto “significativo pero temporal” en la economía.

12.25: La canciller alemana, Angela Merkel, dijo estar dispuesta a reconsiderar la regla de “déficit cero” para enfrentar con todos los recursos necesarios la epidemia de coronavirus.

12.00: Spain llegó a los 2.000 casos de coronavirus y 47 fallecidos. La mitad de los contagiados son de la región de Madrid, que suma 31 víctimas fatales.

11.45: La final de la Copa de la Liga francesa, París SG-Lyon, inicialmente prevista el 4 de abril en el Stade de France, fue aplazada, anunció la Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP) del país galo, confrontada a las restricciones ligadas al coronavirus

11.20: El presidente de Colombia, Iván Duque, anunció que “para proteger la salud colectiva” se impondrá un “aislamiento preventivo” a las personas que lleguen al país procedentes de España, China, Italia y Francia.

11.00: Irán reportó 63 nuevas muertes por coronavirus, el peor balance diario desde el inicio del brote en el país, y suma 354 víctimas fatales. Además, confirmó 958 diagnósticos positivos, lo que elevó el total de casos a más de 9.000.

10.55: Paraguay analiza prohibir la entrada de ciudadanos de los países más afectados por la epidemia. El líder de la bancada de Honor Colorado en la Cámara Baja, Bachi Núñez, dijo que presentará un proyecto de declaración para vetar a pasajeros que provengan de las zonas con más casos de contagios y muertes. Hasta ahora se han detectado cinco casos en el país sudamericano.

10.40: Río de Janeiro autorizará las hospitalizaciones obligatorias para aquellas personas sospechosas de estar infectadas con el coronavirus. El gobernador Wilson Witzel adelantó que el estado publicará en los próximos días un decreto vinculado a la emergencia por la epidemia.

10.30: Cataluña pasó de prealerta a la de alerta, con nuevas precauciones anunciadas por el presidente de la Generalitat, Quim Torra, quien adelantó que serían “medidas más drásticas y contundentes”. At first, los acontecimientos deportivos se harán a puerta cerrada y se suspendieron “todas las prácticas docentes en el ámbito de la salud” para proteger al personal sanitario, así como los eventos con más de mil personas.

10.15: El gobierno italiano anunció una ayuda excepcional de 25.000 millones de euros (28.300 millones de dólares) para luchar contra la epidemia del nuevo coronavirus, que ha dejado más de 600 muertos en el país. De esa suma, la mitad servirá para atender lo más urgente y el resto se utilizará en una fase posterior.

10.00: Israel reportó dos nuevos casos y elevó el total a 76. Entre los pacientes diagnosticados está un empleado que trabaja en el aeropuerto internacional Ben Gurion.

10.00: Iraq anunció la segunda muerte en su territorio por coronavirus. Por su parte, el clérigo Moqtada Al-Sadr dijo que rechazaría cualquier tratamiento médico que haya sido producido por Estados Unidos.

9.45: Kiev, la capital de Ucrania, anunció el cierre de colegios y universidades hasta fines de marzo.

9.30: Cualquier persona que llegue a Beijing del extranjero deberá someterse a una cuarentena obligatoria de 15 días, anunció la alcaldía de la ciudad, en un momento en que los casos del nuevo coronavirus importados aumentan en la capital china. La medida afecta a all newcomers from abroad without distinction.

9:30: El brote del nuevo coronavirus ha dejado un balance de cerca de 120.000 personas contagiadas y un total de 4.285 víctimas mortales en todo el mundo, según los datos globales recopilados por la Universidad Johns Hopkins.

9.20: El Banco de Inglaterra baja a 0,25% los tipos de interés debido a la epidemia de coronavirus

9.10: Polonia ordena el cierre de centros educativos y de cines y teatros para frenar los contagios

9:10:El Gobierno de Japón planea mantener durante otros diez días el cierre de escuelas, colegios y guarderías y la prohibición de celebración de actos masivos, en el marco de las medidas para frenar el brote del nuevo coronavirus, informó la cadena de televisión NHK.

08:30: El brote del nuevo coronavirus originado en la ciudad china de Wuhan ha dejado en Indonesia su primera víctima mortal, una mujer de 53 años de edad que tenía patologías previas, según ha informado este miércoles el Ministerio de Sanidad indonesio.

8.00: Sellar las fronteras de Alemania para prevenir la propagación del coronavirus no funcionaría, dijo el ministro de Salud, quien se opuso a seguir las medidas de la vecina Austria y rechazar la entrada de personas procedentes de Italia. “El virus está en Alemania, está en Europa. Esa es la idea a la que tenemos que acostumbrarnos”, dijo. “Se seguirá propagando aunque se cierren todas las fronteras. Tarde o temprano tienes que dejar entrar o salir a la gente y luego empieza a extenderse de nuevo.”

7:30: The Boris Johnson government is preparing to present its first postbrexit budget on Wednesday in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, which imposed a change of plans by demanding emergency measures to prevent the impact of the epidemic from sinking the economy.

7:15: Varias empresas de la ciudad china de Wuhan, el epicentro de la epidemia global de coronavirus, serán autorizadas a retomar gradualmente sus actividades fabriles, anunció el miércoles el gobierno de la provincia de Hubei

6:52:Los casos de coronavirus en Estados Unidos ya han sobrepasado la cifra de los 1.000, un número que se ha duplicado desde el domingo, según ha informado la prensa estadounidense.

6 o’clock: The Jamaican Ministry of Health and Welfare announced on Tuesday the first case of coronavirus in the country, a Jamaican woman from the United Kingdom.

5:30:El Centro para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades de Corea del Sur (KCDC, por sus siglas en inglés) comunicó que este martes se han confirmado 242 nuevos contagios del nuevo coronavirus en el país, por lo que el balance total asciende a 7.755, lo que supone un ligero repunte tras cinco días consecutivos a la baja debido al aumento de infecciones en Seúl y áreas de alrededor.

4:20: El Ministerio de Salud de China confirmó este miércoles la muerte de 3.158 personas a causa del brote del nuevo coronavirus y ha cifrado los contagios en 80.778, tras otro día de descensos en el número de casos que afectan al país asiático.

4:00: Ecuador anunció el martes recortes presupuestarios, reducción de salarios de empleados públicos y más endeudamiento para enfrentar las dificultades derivadas del coronavirus y la caída del precio del petróleo.

3:35: Estados Unidos instó a Irán a liberar “de inmediato” a los estadounidenses detenidos “injustamente” en el país a causa de los casos de coronavirus registrados en su territorio, aludiendo a “razones humanitarias”.

03:33: La cifra de fallecidos por el derrumbe de un hotel destinado a albergar a personas afectadas por el brote de coronavirus en la ciudad china de Quanzhou (este) se ha elevado este miércoles a 26, según han informado las autoridades locales.

2:51: El Gobierno de Paraguay decidió suspender las clases en los colegios del país y prohibir los eventos y las actividades que implican aglomeración de personas durante 15 días como medida de prevención y control del nuevo coronavirus.

00:30: La ministra de Salud de Panamá, Rosario Turner, confirmó ocho casos de nuevo coronavirus en el país, entre ellos un muerto, que se convirtió en el primer fallecido por el covid-19 en Centroamérica.

00.00: Bolivia confirmó sus dos primeros casos de coronavirus. Ambas personas habían viajado a Italia.

23.00: El Festival Coachella, el gran evento de música previsto para los fines de semana del 10 y 17 de abril en el desierto de California, fue oficialmente pospuesto este martes por los organizadores debido al avance del coronavirus.

21.00: Los precandidatos demócratas a la presidencia de Estados Unidos, Bernie Sanders y Joe Biden, cancelaron sus eventos de campaña en el estado de Ohio debido al coronavirus.

20.30: Pospusieron el Salón Internacional del Automóvil de Nueva York debido al avance del coronavirus. El tradicional e influyente evento en el que se develan las últimas tendencias en la industria automotriz se realizará entre el 28 de agosto y el 6 de septiembre, y no en abril como estaba pautado.

18.00: Confirmaron la primera muerte por coronavirus en New Jersey, Estados Unidos

17.40: El número de muertos por coronavirus en Italia asciende a 631, con 10.149 casos confirmados

16.50: El estado de Nueva York anunció la imposición de un “área de contención” de un kilómetro y medio en torno a la localidad de New Rochelle, en el condado neoyorquino de Westchester, donde se encuentra el mayor “foco de infección del país” del coronavirus. “Es una acción dramática, pero es el mayor foco del país y es una cuestión de vida o muerte”, dijo sobre la cuarentena el gobernador Andrew Cuomo.

16.15: El Gobierno griego anunció el cierre de los centros educativos de todo el país durante dos semanas para evitar la propagación del coronavirus, en línea con las medidas adoptadas por otros países europeos.

16.00: Perú confirmó dos nuevos casos de coronavirus y eleva a 11 el total de diagnósticos positivos.

15.30: La aerolínea de bandera Iran Air announced that it will resume flights to Europe after a two-day suspension, with exceptions for Vienna, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

15.15: Se suspendió el Malaga film festival, previsto a iniciar al 13 de marzo hasta el 22, por las recomendaciones del gobierno español de evitar viajes. Las autoridades indicaron que están trabajando para determinar una nueva fecha.

15.00: La Comisión Europea expresó su apoyo a las “medidas audaces” adoptadas por Italia para hacer frente al coronavirus, un días después de que Roma extendiera a todo el país las medidas de confinamiento para luchar contra la propagación de COVID-19.

14.45: El gobierno español anunció la suspensión todos los actos con más de 1.000 personas en Madrid, Vitoria y La Rioja, las zonas más afectadas por el virus.

14.40: Las autoridades francesas anunciaron que todos los partidos de fútbol de la primera y segunda división se jugarán sin público hasta el 15 de abril.

14.20: Primera víctima mortal en Marruecos. Una anciana de 89 años murió en Casablanca tras ser dar positivo al regresar de un viaje a Italia.

14.10: El secretario estadounidense de Defensa, Mark Esper, postergó una gira prevista para la semana próxima a Asia Central, debido a la epidemia del nuevo coronavirus. El jefe del Pentágono debía viajar a India, Pakistán y Uzbekistán del 16 al 20 de marzo pero decidió suspender el viaje “para quedarse en Estados Unidos y ayudar a manejar la respuesta del Departamento de Defensa” al virus Covid-19.

14.00: La Fundación Bill y Melinda Gates y otras dos organizaciones de caridad prometieron el martes entregar hasta 125 millones de dólares para acelerar el desarrollo de tratamientos para el coronavirus.

13.45: España reportó cuatro nuevas muertes y el total de víctimas fatales llegó a 35. Además, la cifra de contagiados supera los 1.600.

13.30: La basílica y la plaza de San Pedro estarán cerradas al público hasta el 3 de abril “para evitar la propagación del nuevo coronavirus”, anunció este martes el Vatican en un comunicado. Esta medida entra en vigor este martes y significa que los fieles y los turistas no podrán reunirse el miércoles en la plaza de San Pedro para la tradicional audiencia del papa, que será retransmitida por video.

12.50: El gobierno español suspendió todos los vuelos directos entre España e Italia.

12.30: La Liga de fútbol española confirmó que los partidos se jugarán sin público por al menos dos semanas

12.00: El presidente de Francia, Emmanuel Macron, declaró: “Estamos solo al comienzo de esta epidemia”

11.40: El secretario general del partido español Vox, Javier Ortega Smith, dio positivo por cornavirus. El partido ultraderechista reconoció que fue un “error” realizar una cita multitudinario en Madrid durante el fin de semana, pero culpó al gobierno socialista por no prohibir eventos masivos.

11.20: El gobierno español anunció que adoptará medidas para “facilitar” el teletrabajo, para “aliviar” la carga económica de las empresas en las cuotas de la Seguridad Social y evitar el desempleo. Los contagiados en el país superan los 1.200, mientras 31 personas han muerto por el virus.

11.00: Irán anunció la muerte de otras 54 personas infectadas por el coronavirus, el balance diario más importante desde que apareció la epidemia en el país, uno de los más afectados del mundo. The figure leads to a total of 291 el número de fallecidos. Además, los contagiados suman 8.042 infectados (881 nuevos).

10.15: La aerolínea British Airyways canceló todos sus vuelos a Italia hasta el 4 de abril

9.50: El partido entre Barcelona y Nápoles por la Liga de Campeones, que se jugará el 18 de marzo en el Camp Nou, se disputará a puerta cerrada, según se decidió en una reunión celebrada este martes entre representantes de la Generalitat y del club catalán.

9.30: Las autoridades de China han cerrado 14 hospitales temporales que habían habilitado en la ciudad de Wuhan, epicentro del brote del nuevo coronavirus, ante la progresiva reducción del número de pacientes contagiados.

9.00: Air France ha reducido en un 25% su programa de vuelos en Europa durante marzo, y una parte significativa tiene que ver con el recorte del 50% aplicado a las conexiones con Italia, cuyo gobierno ha generalizado a todo el país las medidas de confinamiento por el coronavirus.

8.00: El papa Francisco He asked the priests “to have the courage to go out and visit” those sick affected by the new coronavirus, during the morning mass at their residence, the Santa Marta house.

7.30: El presidente chino Xi Jinping llegó a Wuhan, el epicentro de la epidemia de coronavirus, en su primera visita a esta ciudad, un signo de que las autoridades están empezando a controlar la propagación de la enfermedad.

6.00: Vietnam suspendió la exención de visado para viajeros provenientes de ocho países europeos para contener la epidemia de COVID-19, que en los últimos días ha doblado el número de casos después de tres semanas sin contagios. The directive cancels the visa exemption for citizens of Spain, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

5:30: El gobierno de Japón aprobó el martes un proyecto de ley con medidas para un eventual “estado de emergencia”, que permitiría a las autoridades imponer el confinamiento de personas y requerir edificios para ser utilizados como hospitales.

3:00:Burkina Faso Y Panama confirmaron que han diagnosticado los primeros casos del nuevo coronavirus en sus territorios.

2:30: El número de muertos por el derrumbe de un hotel designado para los afectados de coronavirus sucedido en la ciudad de Quanzhou, provincia de Fujian, ha aumentado este martes a 18, según han informado las autoridades locales.

2:00: El crucero ‘Grand Princess’, con más de 3.500 personas a bordo, ha atracado este lunes en el puerto de Oakland, en California, después de que los ocupantes se pusieran en cuarentena tras la muerte de un pasajero por coronavirus y se hayan confirmado 21 casos.

1:30: China reportó el martes otros 17 muertos por la epidemia de coronavirus, y con ello el total de víctimas fatales a nivel mundial superó los 4.000, de acuerdo con un conteo realizado por AFP.