Coronavirus in Argentina | Who is the physical trainer who beat up the building guard to break the quarantine

The security cameras of a building Vicente López they recorded the violent attack of Miguel Ángel Paz to the guard who rebuked him for breaching the quarantine for coronavirus, since last week he had returned from the United States.

The aggressor is 40 years old, is a physical trainer and has a minor daughter. For 15 years he has been linked to sports activities. He was coordinator of adventure races and for more than five years he was physical trainer of the youth and superior establishment of the University Club of Buenos Aires (CUBA).

He also represented a major sportswear brand and gave training on techniques to improve performance in careers, both in private schools and in the municipalities of the Buenos Aires suburbs, according to his profile of Linkedin.

is defined as “progressive, spiritual family” and “Posture and Mobility Specialist” on his Twitter account, and indicates that he trains “runners, rugby players, golfers, polo players, tennis players, soccer players and hockey players, helping them to recognize their weaknesses and train them.”

Miguel Ángel Paz is the aggressor of the guard of the Vicente López building (Photo: FacebookAthletes PRO).

Since 2016 he directs “Atletaspro”, a running and performance academy in which they enhance the performance of athletes “through the analysis and training of posture, mobility and structural strength to improve mechanical efficiency and avoid injuries,” explains the company on its social networks.

Along with the ex-Puma Ignacio “Nani” Corleto He created RunTec, a “campus” for runners, an undertaking in which the kinesiologist Francisco Zamboni also participates.

The attack

Paz brutally attacked the guard of the building where he lives, in Vicente López, after try to prevent his departure to the street to avoid breaking the coronavirus quarantine. Since the physical trainer had arrived last week from the United States, and must comply with the isolation for 14 days provided by the Government. The victim denounced him and the aggressor is investigated in two cases.

The attack occurred on Saturday night and was recorded by the sentry box of the sentry box. The images show how Paz burst into the office, very angry, and shouted at the security guard several times: “You are threatening me.” The security officer rejected the accusation and reproached him for not complying with the “health protocol”.

He demanded that he leave the place, pushed him to try to get him out, and the neighbor, furious, it hit him nonstop for several seconds. Then she threatened him: “I’m going to kill you,” he said, and then intimidated him again: “Do you want to continue talking to me? Do you want to continue playing crazy with me?”

It is currently apprehended at home along with his wife and two daughters, serving quarantine and with a police slogan. He was tested for coronavirus, which so far was negative. The Buenos Aires Police maintains a patrol at home to prevent a further attempt to break the quarantine.

Thousands of users viewed the video on social media. Even the president Alberto Fernández, what David Coen was contacted, who published the material. He asked for the data and described the aggressor as “an irresponsible person who cannot circulate” because he must serve the 14-day quarantine. In dialogue with Radio Miter said the attacker “will pay the consequences.” “He is a person with great pride, who causes a lot of damage,” he said.

The victim reported the attack at a police station and Two causes were opened: one for violation of articles 205 (which protects health) and 239 (disobedience) of the penal code, related to the spread of a pandemic, and another for assaults. The first case was handled by Federal Court No. 2 of San Isidro led by Federico Díaz and the second is investigated by Vicente López Este’s UFI, under the charge of prosecutor Martín Gómez.

Article 205 of the Penal Code establishes a penalty six months to two years in prison “for those who violate the measures adopted by the competent authorities, to prevent the introduction or spread of an epidemic.” While 239 contemplates fifteen days to a year in prison who “resists or disobeys a public official in the legitimate exercise of his functions or the person who provides assistance at his request or by virtue of a legal obligation.”

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