Concern in the port of Buenos Aires for a cruise

The boat comes from Chile. The prevention protocol was activated to verify that none of the people present symptoms

The health prevention protocol against the advance of the coronavirus in Argentina was activated this Saturday by a cruise ship that comes from Chile.

It is a boat that has more than 900 passengers on board, so the health authorities ordered a special operation to control tourists.

The health authorities asked the Captain of the boat for the sworn declaration of the passengers and controls are being carried out on the people on board.

The Border Health team is verifying that the data provided is true. If a suspicious case is detected, it will be isolated immediately. Otherwise, 23 buses are waiting to transport tourists to their hotels and different scheduled activities.

The cruise in question will stay in Buenos Aires until Monday.

So far, several countries have closed the ports to prevent tourists from entering by this route. The last was Spain, which was joined by Norway, Monaco, Estonia and also Italy.

In addition, in Chile, a tourist traveling through the south aboard a cruise ship tested positive for the coronavirus test and was assisted in the Aysén region. The company was Silver Explorer.

The Health Minister, Jaime Mañalich, explained that this is an 88-year-old man, of English nationality, who is currently “in good condition at the Coyhaique hospital.”

The ship arrived after 8:00 am this Saturday in Castro, where it remains prohibited from disembarking.

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