Today’s horoscope, Saturday, March 14, 2020


Arians, seek peace to be able to transcend those issues that hurt and that they have enough time in their hearts. Do not disturb its actuality and try to appreciate the multiple possibilities that life offers.


Literally a day for the full enjoyment and contentment that come from the hand of reunions and calls that move their souls. Appreciate and enjoy human achievement they are having, the subject is a less important chapter.


Typical day for this questioning and answer-seeking essence. Suggestions and proposals come to you that will make them consider convenience. Try to sleep without thinking so much before things happen.


Today they will converse with their private jurisdiction, and they will realize that the change generated with attitudes that they proved to have, it is more than positive. Knowing and recognizing that sometimes it is preferable to remain silent, generates evolution.


Leoninos, if they could let go of some situations and allow others to do and demonstrate the sense of responsibility would be wonderful for everyone involved. It is not always good to decide for others in the family.


There are issues that resurface and alter Something your peace on this day with various possibilities. Proceed with patience and good energy, it is indicated. Jealous hearts do not lead well, much less to a healthy end. Free the other.


Librians in full romanticism, especially those who are meeting someone. There could be continuity and projects in common. Continuous and synchronized joy. Finances to review and take care not to issue unnecessary expenses.


Scorpions with a full day on their lucid minds. Creativity on the surface and freedom of thought. There is a new desire to do things that they have always liked. Opportunity. Saving capacity and clear balance. You will notice advances in love.


Affective help in a somewhat convulsed situation. Try to measure your words and recognize that there is always a problem in life. Minimize and new views will come to you and elements with which to face and solve will be not so difficult.


Lucid mind and an active day in a very positive way solving problems. Family issues could be resolved with more dialogue and acceptance of the opinions or decisions of others. Try not to overdo it. Simplicity is evolution.


Day in which the aquarians would feel tired. But above all, psychic. Looking for distraction covers a very wide range of possibilities. Things always have an explanation, there are ends in love, also beginnings. Everything moves.


Day to make changes in the house, renovate, move the furniture, take out what we do not use and above all give what may also serve us. Giving is a spiritual duty. Warm color in the emotional relationships of the Pisces, in a pleasant day.