They published the list with the new prices of the 0 km, and there are discounts

The Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (Acara) published the updated list of transactional prices for March, official amounts that include bonuses that reach almost 400 thousand pesos, the newspaper published. Clarion.

Published by Acara and approved by nine automotive terminals, the list is made up of 45 vehicles from all segments, although 33 receive discounts.

The highest discount was applied by Ford on its pick up Ranger XL double cab. The locally made truck is offered with a $ 387,552 bonus and its transaction price is $ 1,775,548.

For its part, Chevrolet offers a discount of $ 289,250 on the Cruze 5-door LT, whose list price is $ 1,615,400 and its transactional, $ 1,326,150.

Another “on sale” model is the Volkswagen Gol Trend Trendline (transactional $ 720,270), which has a discount of $ 275,330, and is listed as the cheapest on the list; followed by the Chevrolet Onix Joy which, after a $ 246,500 bonus, is offered at $ 733,400.

On the utility side, Fiat applies a reduction of $ 120,000 on its Fiorino TOP, which, with a transactional price of $ 865,400, remains the most economical work vehicle on the list.

The only brand on the list, but that does not offer any discount is Honda.

In February 27,204 vehicles were patented, which represented a drop of 32.2% compared to the same month of 2019.