There is a weather alert for Buenos Aires: heavy rains and storms

The City of Buenos Aires dawned with heavy rain and storms, which could last for the rest of the day. According to the National Meteorological Service (SMN), the alert extends not only to the Federal Capital, but to the north and center-west of the province of Buenos Aires; the south of Córdoba; the northwest of La Pampa; Saint Louis; and Santa Fe.

The SMN detailed that the winds come from the northwest sector rotating to the southeast, with a minimum temperature of 22 degrees and a maximum of 26.

Weather alert in the City of Buenos Aires (Photo: AFP).

“The coverage area will be affected on Saturday morning by rains and storms of varying intensity. It is expected that some of these storms can be locally strong, and be accompanied fundamentally by gusts, strong electrical activity and locally abundant waterfall and hail. An alert cessation is determined for eastern Mendoza, south and center-west of Buenos Aires, center and southeast of La Pampa, “they said in a statement.

For Sunday, the agency maintains a similar forecast: there is a 40% chance of rain and a minimum temperature of 19 degrees and a maximum of 24.