The Government stopped the importation of tricycles from China

The national government decided to stop the import of tricycles from China for an alleged case of dumping, that is, they arrive at a price below what it costs to produce them.

The measure was taken by the Ministry of Productive Development, through resolution 104/20 published today in the Official Gazette of the Nation.

The portfolio imposed a provisional 24 percent anti-dumping duty calculated on the declared FOB values ​​for tricycles, except with electric motor, originating in China.

The measure that carries the signature of the Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas, and is part of the investigation for alleged dumping that began after the request of the Argentine Chamber of the Toy Industry, according to a cable from the official agency Télam.

According to the norm, imports of Chinese tricycles increased from 105.2 thousand units in 2016 to 133.5 thousand units in 2018, although they later decreased due to the fall in domestic consumption.

In this regard, he adds that these products arrived with undervaluations that ranged between 23 percent and 51 percent, depending on the period and the national price alternative considered.