How will be the platform that Google and the US government will create that will detect Coronavirus symptoms


Donald Trump stated national emergency to slow the advance of coronavirus in the United States. The President announced that his government will take measures such as release of USD 50 billion for states and municipalities and the creation of a site with google so that more people have access to a test.

At a press conference, the president stated that with the declaration resources will be obtained to serve the affected by the disease, which in addition to having emergency centers, will have the possibility of access a support portal where the exams for confirm or discard the illness.

The American President indicated that thousands of google engineers are working to launch the online platform that controls the virus advance.

Before the declared pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO), the president stated: “we do not want people get tested if we don’t think it’s necessary” Another announcement was that next week, the country will have more 1 million 400 thousand diagnostic tests.

The website designed by Google will serve to prevent Covid-19 testing they are not necessary. “We want start a process usually requires a protocol of several weeks, we want this diagnostic test to be at the outreach next weekWe hope we can make a more accurate announcement this Sunday, ”said Trump.

Deborah Leah Birx, who coordinates the United States’ response to Covid-19, said that they have worked for days to develop, together with universities and pharmaceutical companies, an innovative system that offers users the opportunity to detect symptoms and to know if the application of a medical test is necessary. In addition, the official appreciated the efforts of the private sector, noting the collaboration of Google in the structure, to achieve the creation of the site. The goal of this portal, Brix noted, is to bring the guide the whole country:

“We want to announce a new diagnostic test, you will be able to see it on our website, Google supported us in architecture of this page, here what people will be asked to do is answer a very simple questionnaire. The user will be asked questions about their symptomatology and there you can ask for one laboratory appointment of diagnostic test that will be provided to people in their automobiles“He explained.

The method that consists of take samples from Covid-19 to people in your cars or in restricted areas, was implemented in South Korea and Germany, countries that have managed to contain a larger outbreak. As Deborah Leah Birx explained, patients complete an online form and, if necessary, later they move to certain places where nurses extract mucosa from the nose from the window. With this strategy, the crowding of people in a clinic, reason why the infection of more citizens is prevented.

In addition to these actions, the U.S. government has implemented other measures to contain the coronavirus, such as school closings, Public spaces, borders and flight restrictions. The latter, affecting the connectivity between the North American country and the European Union, a region that was recently declared by the WHO as the new epicenter of infection.

At present, U.S has a figure of 1,700 confirmed cases Y 41 deaths in a population of 327 million people. However, experts point out that the figure can increase due to suspected cases and the Lack of evidence to detect the disease.


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