Coronavirus: passengers forced a woman who had been in Spain to get off a bus in Olavarría

Worry, discussions and a lot of confusion. In this climate, a long-distance bus bound for Comodoro Rivadavia was forced to stop at Olavarría by the passengers themselves, when they noticed that a woman was traveling with them. I had returned from a trip from Spain, one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus.

The passengers were alarmed to learn where the woman was coming from and there were some crosses over if you had had your studies corresponding upon reaching Ezeiza or not. The exchange escalated to such an extent that the drivers decided to stop the trip and intervene with the police and local health authorities.

As reflected by the local portal Infoeme, some people even they chose to put on chinstraps waiting for the protocol to be activated in the middle of the street, in Pringles at 4700.

Some passengers waited with masks for the arrival of the authorities. (Photo: courtesy Infoeme).

Finally, with the presence of the director of Municipal Epidemiology, María del Carmen Weiss, and the main local Health authorities: the secretary Germán Caputo and the undersecretary Cristian Weimann, the woman, who had not carried out the quarantine but also had no symptoms, was transferred to the Municipal Hospital to undergo the pertinent studies.

It was only after the SAME ambulance took the woman that the micro resumed its journey to the city of Bahía Blanca and then to the province of Chubut.