Coronavirus in Argentina | The Government does not suspend classes

The minister Ginés González García confirmed that classes are not suspended despite the declaration of a national health emergency due to the pandemic of coronavirus. The official said “closing schools would be counterproductive,” experts said. It is because “there is no community circulation” of the virus.

After the measures announced by the Government on Thursday night, the inter-ministerial cabinet met this afternoon with expert epidemiologists and infectious diseases at the Casa Rosada. President Alberto Fernández led the meeting. The governors were able to follow him through a link made available by the Presidency to learn about the conversation in detail.

González García said in a subsequent press conference that “the measure that had the most consensus at the inter-ministerial meeting was the non-closure of educational establishments. ”

“Boys are not a vulnerable group and, when they do not go to school, they have to stay out, which increases the risk for the adults who must take care of them and, in addition, that the children are on the street is risky, “said the official.

Beyond the national directive, each province has the power to determine the course of the school year, since the schools are in the orbit of the jurisdictions. For now, only Jujuy and Misiones decided to suspend classes for the next 14 days.

This Friday all the ministers of Education will meet to guarantee the continuity of the school year. The appointment is scheduled for 14 at the Sarmiento Palace.

Through a resolution published this Friday, the Ministry of National Education defined the new protocol for procedure in schools. There it is explained that, from now on, if a suspected case of coronavirus is detected in an educational establishment, the teachers and classmates of the affected classroom should be preemptively isolated. If the same case is confirmed, the school will be closed completely.

The head of the Health portfolio stressed today that the Argentine government is “in contact with all the countries that are facing the coronavirus pandemic, both with successes and errors. ”

In this sense, Angela Gentile, head of Epidemiology at the Gutiérrez Children’s Hospital and part of the expert committee, stated: “We do not have community circulation. We are not Italy and we are not China. It has to be clear because if you are not looking at what countries in different epidemiological situations are doing. “

“Boys are not a vulnerable group. In the international evidence they do not present mortality, but they are transmitting assets. School is a very important field to generate prevention tasks. Children, along with teachers, must be agents of change. Many times they motivate behavior in adults, “added the expert.

Gentile emphasized “the dynamism of the situation”. In this sense, he stressed that the measures taken are not static and that they will be adapted according to the changes of the coming days. “The meetings are in a systematic way, because one is constantly evaluating situations,” he said.

What the resolution of the Ministry of Education says

The Ministry of Education of the Nation determined the conditions in which schooling will take place in public and private establishments at all levels. In this sense, they determined that:

– Before a confirmed case of coronavirus that affects directing, teaching, auxiliary or non-teaching personnel, or students of an educational establishment “must suspend classes and close said establishment for a period of 14 calendar days, from the notification of the confirmed case.”

– Before a suspected case of coronavirus, of a student or teacher, this grade or section will be isolated “until the test result is available that rules out suspicion, or for a maximum period of 14 calendar days from notification.”

– In the case of suspicious cases of people who are not in the classroom, “the compulsory self-isolation of the affected person and from his close contacts in said establishment, until the test result is available that rules out suspicion. “