Coronavirus in Argentina | Cultural activities in the province of Buenos Aires were suspended

After the Governor of the Province, Axel Kicillof, decreed the health emergency in Buenos Aires due to the advance of the coronavirus, the Ministry of Production, Science and Technological Innovation announced this Saturday that Cultural activities were suspended for 15 days.

According to the statement of the portfolio, by Augusto Costa, the measure applies to museums, theaters, archives and libraries dependent on the Government.

“We believe that it is a priority to ensure maximum prevention measures provided by the Ministry of Health. For this, it is necessary limit activities with high concentration of people. We must take care of ourselves individually and collectively, respecting and disseminating health protocols, “stressed the Province.

The decree also suspends any event, act, meeting or event managed by the provincial organizations and whose objective is artistic, recreational, cultural or tourist.

The measure could be extended in the event that there are new recommendations from the Ministry of Health.

Thursday, the Buenosairean governor decreed the health emergency for 180 days, in the face of the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. In this sense, he announced that all the cultural, sporting, artistic and social events with massive attendance were going to be canceled.

In the case of events that cannot be rescheduled, Kicillof decided that they be done without public.

With respect to the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health, it may order “the necessary measures and / or reorganization of the personnel that the emergency situation warrants to efficiently cover the provision of the health service, expressly empowering it to suspend the annual licenses of the personnel it provides service in the hospital establishments of the Province and to resolve the hiring of temporary personnel, within the framework of the emergency declared by Law No. 15,165, excepting them from the incompatibility regime applicable to the activity “.

The government of the Province finally recalled that it is available the number 148 that attends 24 hours to all those people with symptoms or doubts about it.