three are by local contact

Of those infected reported this Thursday, three of them had close contact with patients who contracted the virus abroad.

The Government confirmed the presence of ten more cases of coronavirus in Argentina, of which three became infected after being in close contact with infected people who traveled abroad. With these numbers, there are already 31 infected in total in the country.

The new diagnosed cases correspond to people residing in the provinces of Chaco, Córdoba, Buenos Aires, and in the city of Buenos Aires, the latter case in a native of Entre Ríos.

Most of the new infected contracted the virus while traveling abroad, while three were in “close contact” with people who traveled. That is why these would already be the first infected without having come from abroad.

According to the Ministry of Health, these are patients with no history of travel to risky areas but who were in close contact with people who contracted the disease abroad.

The official report of the health portfolio indicated that ten new cases were diagnosed, including the three mentioned above, bringing the total in the country to 31, counting the patient who died last week in Buenos Aires.

Of the 10 cases reported today, seven correspond to people with a history of travel to the risk area, while the remaining three had close contacts with patients who contracted the virus abroad.

“The patients are complying with the isolation established by the health authorities,” said the official party.

Close contact cases

In this context, one cannot yet speak of an indigenous case. According to the Director of Epidemiology, María Elisa Flores, at C5N, “we still cannot speak of aut autochthonous case’, but of close contact. One of the infected is a relative of the first confirmed case we had. “

It is an indigenous case that did not come from abroad or had contact with anyone who came from abroad. What happens with this type of patient is that it is not known how he was infected.

“We still do not have viral circulation. Although about the 4 locations in isolation: we have one more suspicion in one of those locations but we still cannot confirm any. We are evaluating suspending classes. These new results that we have between today and tomorrow are going to be crucial to decide whether or not there is a need to suspend them, “said the specialist.

The confirmed case in Chaco corresponds to a 61-year-old man with comorbidities – who suffers from two or more diseases – and who entered the country days ago from areas with circulation of the virus. He is admitted to a private clinic.

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