S&P Merval Stock Price for March 12

Negative day for the index, which ended the day on Thursday, March 12 with large drops in the 9.76%, until the 28,351.89 points. The selective marked a maximum volume of 31,419.60 points and a minimum of 28,113.43 points. The trading range for the selective between its highest and lowest point (maximum-minimum) during this day was in the 10.52%.

In relation to the profitability of the last week, the index records a decrease of 22.9%, so that in the last year it still accumulates a decrease in 19.79%. The S&P Merval a 34.15% below its maximum so far this year (43,054.01 points) and a 28,351.89 points, the minimum valuation so far this year.

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