Coronavirus in Argentina│ Second death in the country

The coronavirus caused the second death in Argentina: it is a 61-year-old man who was hospitalized in Resistencia, Chaco, and according to what could know presented other pathologies.

César Cotichelli I had traveled to Europe and was admitted after returning to the country. As reported by the Chaco Ministry of Health, the person was suffering from respiratory failure.

“The patient had a pre-existing disease. He was in Egypt, Turkey and Germany. He arrived at Resistencia on February 24 and presented the first symptoms on March 5. He did not enter the definition of a case because until then they were those who came from China, Korea and Italy. Upon entering intensive therapy, the study was done and we obtained confirmation, “he revealed to TN, María Elisa Flores Barros, director of Epidemiology of the province.

And continued: “On March 5 I had diarrhea, so nobody was going to imagine

The man worked as engineer and was a professor at the National Technological University (UTN) Resistance. In turn, he was chairman of the board of the Secheep company.

The first fatality had been registered in the city of Buenos Aires, on March 7th: a man who had traveled to France and was admitted to the Argerich Hospital.

The UTN issued a statement regretting Cotichelli’s death. “Peace and comfort for your family“reads the document.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health of the Nation confirmed that the number of infected in the country amounted to 31. Of the ten new cases that were known that day, two belonged to Chaco, a province that in total counts four people with the virus.

Jorge Capitanich’s government quarantines 15,800 people in four towns to prevent infection. One is a 38-year-old man who maintained close contact with one of the first confirmed coronavirus cases in the Chaco. He is currently in good health, with indications of compulsory social isolation. This is the first case of contagion in the country.