Unusual: a car was left hanging from a building in Acassuso

A car was left hanging from the second floor of a dealership from Acassuso. As confirmed TN and the People, the person who was driving was rescued by firefighters.

The local Russoniello Automotive It is located at 999 Santa Fe Avenue and occupies an entire corner. From there the images were taken that show the white vehicle almost completely out of the window.

The dealership in Santa Fe 999 (Photo: Courtesy of Russoniello Automotive)

Local sources informed TN and the People That it all happened while an employee was arranging the cars in the living room when a bad maneuver with the Volkswagen Tiguan truck led him to get embedded in the window and almost fell into the street.

“It was just a scare,” they said from the company, and assured that the driver of the vehicle no injuries.