The Cordoba app for mobility Ualabee grows in Buenos Aires

Ualabee, the collaborative solution to move around the city intelligently devised from Córdoba continues to grow: it bets to become strong in the south of Buenos Aires.

So far, the tool is present in Avellaneda, Banfield, Lanús, Lomas de Zamora, Temperley, Adrogué, Wilde, Sarandí, Bernal and Berazategui.

With that list, there are 40 municipalities in Buenos Aires and other provinces in which it is used.

At the same time, the app that allows users to know the best alternative to travel, receiving real-time information and alerts on the operation of public transport and the state of traffic, has already landed in several Argentine capitals in addition to Córdoba: it is in the city of Buenos Aires, Rosario , Santa Fe and Salta

In parallel, the app started a regional expansion plan that involves landings in other countries.

Every day, 3.2 million people enter the platform, one million of whom do so from public transport.

The creators of Ualabee note that it has five characteristics that no other solution provides:

  • real-time alerts of traffic situations
  • reports of works, demonstrations and delays among users (with a public ranking according to the contributions they make)
  • editing of stops and routes by users
  • mapping of the city, without the need for public data
  • reports of security incidents at urban transport stops

In addition, it allows passengers to interact with each other thanks to a chat on-line, available 24 hours.