Five deceased leaves car to canal fall in Piura | Peru | Society

A car that left the sector of the Arena was confused this morning and fell into a canal. The accident left 5 dead, mostly merchants who were heading to the city of Piura.

The deceased were identified as the husbands Florentino Huamán Chinchay and Yolanda Ramos Inga, the merchants Julia Chiroque Sernaqué, Alejandrina Navarro Coveñas and Rosa Namuche Coveñas.

One of the survivors was identified as Guadalupe Sosa Valencia. The driver Elmer Lalupú Timaná is missing, and the police are looking for him.

In the place, at the height of La Legua, the arrival of the prosecutor for the removal of the bodies is expected. The canal is located at the height of La Legua.