10 best-selling cars in the country, cheap at the blue dollar

We tell you which was the top ten in June sales and how many pesos or blue dollars you have to pay to get to one of the favorite cars of the Argentines

June sales left a market with more encouraging expectations in the automotive world: For the first time in several months, there was a growth in patents. The increase was 2.3% compared to the same month last year, and marked almost 70% more compared to May this year.

The signal is good for the sector that takes advantage of promotions, special financing of terminals and discounts to incentivize sales, counting on the other hand with an economic reality that helps: the existence of the blue dollar or bag.

The truth is, for those with dollar savingsBuying a car today can be a good opportunity to capitalize yourself taking advantage of the exchange rate that benefits you.

This is how they admit it in the dealerships, whose sellers highlight how many people arrive at the point of sale asking for some available model because they believe that it is a good time to change the car.

How long will this summer last? It is the question everyone asks.

The main problem is of stock, since the brands had prepared for a scenario that was not of terminal fall as it happened in the first month of mandatory quarantine, but it was not of such an active demand either (within the new parameters of reality ), as it was seen in June, where the demand delayed by the closing of registries and dealerships that took place between March and April was also gathered.

In this scenario, with more than 36,000 patented units in June and with many promotions and shares of the brands to sell, we review what were the 10 best-selling vehicles on the market, among which we find cars, pick ups and SUVs; we highlight the surprise that we found in this ranking, and what are the prices both in pesos and dollar value blue, for those who have some “savings” and want to invest in a vehicle.

Top 10 best-selling cars

With the doors of many points of sale open (with protocols in between) and with the Automotive Registry in operation (they also serve in turn), a market with slight growth was achieved in June, where the absolute dominator was the Chevrolet Onix, surpassing this time the Toyota Hilux, which usually has the command.

The podium is completed with the second in sales that has been the Volkswagen Gol, achieving this model to return by climbing several places after having fallen several places before so many new rivals, followed by the japanese pick up, the three owners of the most desired positions.

Then comes the most important surprise of the top ten, which is also for the German brand with the Volkswagen T-Cross. This SUV, which has not been on the market for more than a year, managed to be among the best sellers, being the only one in the category that occupies the ranking and third in sales without counting the light utility vehicles that get between the cars.

In this context of ups and downs, we review each of the best-selling models and their prices at blue dollar value.

Chevrolet Onix to blue dollar

Chevrolet Onix, the best seller, favored by the blue dollar.

With 2,093 units, this model, renovated at the end of 2019, kept the put one as the best selling car. In the accumulated January-June general sales fell 5.7 percent.

He price of this model in its entry-level version is $ 909,900, while at blue dollar it is listed at $ 7,108.

It is equipped with a 1.4 engine with a five-speed gearbox. In addition, it stands out for technology: it is the second car on the market (the first was the Chevrolet Cruze) to have the Internet, a network through which up to seven devices can be connected

Volkswagen Gol, at $ 6,563 blue.

With 1,607 units, this model of the German brand continues to be one of the leaders in its category, to the point that it only fell 1.5% in the first half of the year compared to the same period of the previous year, in a sector that collapses the average 40%.

In July, it repositioned itself as one of the leaders, and in July it started with various discounts, being the brand’s cheapest car and one of the most economical in the total market. He value of This model exceeds one million pesos, but with a discount it can be purchased for $ 840,150, that is, $ 6,563, always in blue dollar terms.

Toyota Hilux, the best-selling pick up and take advantage of the blue dollar.

Toyota Hilux, the best-selling pick up and take advantage of the blue dollar.

With 1,551 it is the best-selling pick-up, which beats several cars in the small segment. This month it was third in the total market, because There is practically no stock due to the high sales they have been having. Compared to 2019, it falls -37.9 percent.

This nationally manufactured model is produced at the Zárate plant, in the province of Buenos Aires, and from there it is exported to the world. As a novelty, at the end of 2020 or at the start of 2021 the new generation will arrive, which has already been exhibited in Thailand, another of the plants where it is manufactured.

Regarding the price of this model, considering the values ​​from the cheapest double cabin version (they sell more than the single cabins), this model It is offered from $ 1,932,600. TO blue dollar value, to access a Hilux pick up, you must have $ 15,090.

Volkswagen Amarok, one of the best-selling blue dollars in the light segment.

Volkswagen Amarok, one of the best-selling blue dollars in the light segment.

At 1,501, it is the second best-selling pickup in its class and one of the leading vehicles on the market. Recently it incorporated a new model, the V6, with the most powerful engine of all the rivals, with 258hp, which adds to its prestige. Compared to last year, it fell -28.1% in the semester.

Among its features, this model stands out for having single and double cabin versions, with 4×2 or all-wheel drive. It is, as we said, the most powerful, and the first that a V6 engine debuted in the medium segment.

As for prices, the Volkswagen Amarok starts at $ 1,860,164. At blue dollar value, to access an Amarok pick up, you must have $ 14,540.

Volkswagen T-Cross, the best-selling SUV.

With 1,301 units sold, is the icing on the cake of the June ranking. It has been on the market for less than a year and displaced all SUVs from the top ten, becoming the best-selling. Also, it is the vehicle with the record of growth in sales: 6,267.2% between January-June 2020 compared to the same period of the previous year.

Today, it is the number one SUV in sales, a podium completed by rivals such as Ford Ecosport and Jeep Renegade.

The price of this model is $ 1,362,026 in July, with a discount of $ 100,000. That is, it is quoted at the equivalent of $ 10,640 blue.

Peugeot 208 to blue dollar

Peugeot 208, in the top ten best sellers at blue dollar.

Peugeot 208, in the top ten best sellers at blue dollar.

With 1,122 units, it is the best-selling car of the French brand, which will be renewed in two more months, produced in Argentina. In June it was accompanied by great discounts. Its sales fell in 6 months a total of -35.6%.

As for the price of this model, it starts at $ 1,190,000, with a bonus of $ 33,000 in July. As for its blue dollar value, it is of $ 9,296.

Ford Ranger to blue dollar

Ford Ranger, one of the leaders in the light segment.

Ford Ranger, one of the leaders in the light segment.

With 1,121 units sold in June, it is the second best-selling pick up in its segment and one of the chosen vehicles in the total market. As with Hilux, units begin to be lacking due to high demand. In the January-June period, its sales fell by -17.4%, a figure that is not so dramatic with a total market that fell almost 40 percent.

It is offered with a diesel and gasoline engine, single and double cab, and 4×2 and 4×4 traction. It was renewed in 2019 and received the sportiest version, the Ranger Raptor. In addition, the brand also added the F150 and the F150 Raptor, which compete in the full size segment.

To highlight is that it is the most technological and safest pick up, with all the “ADAS”, that is, driving assistance. These systems allow driving with everything controlled in the surroundings, from emergency braking to adaptive cruise control, among other functions.

The value of the Ranger in a double diesel cabin version starts at $ 1,933,000. At blue dollar value, to access a Ranger pick up, you must have $ 15,500.

Renault Sandero to blue dollar

Renault Sandero, here in its Stepway version.

Renault Sandero, here in its Stepway version.

With 1,068 units patented in June, it is Renault’s best-selling car, above the Kwid, which is the most economical. It was renewed a few months ago and incorporated more sporty versions. Its sales fell this year by -43.1%.

This model, renovated in 2019, is priced at $ 970,300 and in blue dollars at 7,580.

The engine is 1.6 with 115 hp of power. It is combined with a five-speed manual gearbox.

The Intens versions can be equipped with an automatic continuous variator box (CVT), with six pre-programmed gears. Front-wheel drive.

The Sandero CVT, Stepway CVT and Logan CVT come with stability control (ESP) as standard.

Ford Ka to blue dollar

Ford Ka, other top sellers in blue dollar times.

Ford Ka, other top sellers in blue dollar times.

With 976 patents, it is another of the top ten leaders in sales in the local market. The smallest is the benchmark of the brand in passenger vehicles in the small segment, since Fiesta and Focus are no longer sold. Its sales fall -48.3%. There are five versions, which start at $ 894,000 at a value of 6,991 to the blue dollar.

He is one of the most wanted guys on the market, both 0km and used. Its latest restyling replaces the third-generation Ka that was released for sale in March 2016 and includes the new Freestyle with off-road aesthetics.

It has a three-cylinder 1.5 12v motorcycle and a variable distribution with 123 hp, with a 6F15 automatic transmission (with torque converter and six gears) and a five-speed manual.

The best thing about this car is the safety equipment. All Ka now come standard with Stability Control (ESP), Traction Control and Hill Start Assist. In addition, the Freestyle and SEL versions have six airbags.

Volkswagen Polo, in the top ten of the best sellers.

Volkswagen Polo, in the top ten of the best sellers.

With 943 this model completes the top ten in June sales, a good result for this model that retains the name but was completely renewed on the outside and inside.

Since this new generation was introduced, it is the first time that it has positioned itself as one of the best sellers.

It is offered in five versions, with a price that starts at $ 1,141,000 with a discount of $ 128,000. At blue dollar, it reaches $ 8,914.

Other blue dollar models

In addition to the 10 best-selling cars, in the top ten of the month’s favorites there are economic models that stand out and are attractive for the blue dollar, such as the case of the Fiat Mobi, the cheapest on the market, or the Uno, of the same brand, another highlight.

Also for those looking for a low price you can choose a Nissan March or Renault Kwid, which are below $ 7,000 in terms of the blue dollar.

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